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Music Scene Finds a Way

"I'm outside a strip mall in Stockton, Calif. It's got a big Asian grocery store, a pet shop, and a secondhand store, called D. Thrift. There are about 50 kids my age — all in their late teens and early 20s — talking and smoking in front of an empty storefront. It used to be a cellphone shop and before that a place that sold diet pills, but tonight it's the best underground rock show in town."


Why Fans Are Always Having to Go to Terminal 5

You might have imagined that money explains, in the words of Matthew Perpetua, "why so many bands play the absolute worst major venue in New York City": Terminal 5, over at 56th and 11th. You would be correct, as youngish and mid-level bands get a bigger cut there: "Because it's owned by a local promoter, Bowery Presents, much of the infrastructure — stage hands, lighting, sound, security, things a band would have to pay for elsewhere — is in place." (In a completely random sidebar, another Terminal 5, an actual terminal, at Heathrow airport, was also supposed to be more cost-effective, due to keeping out [...]


U2 And Christina Aguilera Will Not Be Riding Their Wild Horses This Summer

U2 and Christina Aguilera have both postponed their summer tours, thus reducing the number of big-name tours with headliners who don't have to be referred to as "nostalgia acts" to an even-smaller number. (No, really, have you looked at the roster for your local shed? Scorpions, Foreigner, Yes, Chicago — it's like 1983 never ended up.) U2's jaunt, which included a headlining stint at the Glastonbury Festival, has been moved to 2011 because of frontman Bono's back surgery; the Aguilera tour has been ditched until next year because the singer "needed more time to rehearse the show," according to a statement from Live Nation, the concert megapromoter that's [...]