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Oates Is 65

If all you did in your life was co-write one of the few songs that it is indisputably impossible to remain sad while hearing, it would have marked yours out as a successful life, but you, John William Oates, have written a bunch of other terrific things and are part of popular music's pantheon of duos, so on this, your 65th birthday, we salute you.


"My man King built a car wash, a barber shop, a fish store, and a convenience store and a beauty parlor. All inside this bread truck."

With its tough, minimalist beat, and a chopped-up of vocal snippet from Biggie Smalls' "Dead Wrong," Papoose's "I Just Want The Paper" is a street hit. Now comes his recession-beating video. Papoose is from Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and there is no Autotune in this song.