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Lily Allen, "Sheezus"

"She also says, at one point, 'Periods. We all get periods.'"


Lily Allen, "Hard Out Here"

Remember 2006? It seems so long ago now. Anyway, the Internet sure does have opinions about this one, and I guess it's okay if you do too.


Lily Allen, "Air Balloon"

Are we still mad at Lily Allen for that video? I mean, surely someone else to be mad at has come along by this point, right? The Lily Allen thing was, when, last year? Quit living in the past. Anyway, back here in the present, there's this. I could see liking it? But I may have to listen a few more times to be sure. You will have other opinions, perhaps.


Don't You Wish You Looked Just Like Cheryl Tweedy?

A column dedicated to explaining Britain's manufactured celebrities to an American audience.

Friends of civilization, believers in freedom, supporters of self-serving celebrity visits to war zones, please brace yourselves for some disturbing news: al-Qaeda has a new enemy. She’s younger and perkier than The West, she’s a better dancer than The Jews, and she owns more jewelry than the Queen of England and Rudy Giuliani put together.

Wait, I sense your skepticism, but allow me to elaborate. The inflamer of whom I speak is a 28-year-old from the North-East of England by the name of Cheryl Cole. Ms. Cole, née Cheryl Ann Tweedy, is currently known to the American [...]


The Five Most Important Things This Week

Veterans Day

Double-dripped from generations above we Hansons were military men until Me With My Many Feelings destroyed the line. You see, Papa was a California dream-machine with brass curls but he flipped his coin for the US Army to save our family. His brother followed in double-time. Grandpa hugged missile silos in Alaska during Korea and there’s rumor someone before him rode rough with Ol’ Theodore. Both my mothers’ fathers were pilots and both died before the Internet—one in Vietnam, the other with cancerous lungs. And it’s knuckle-hard to disagree while beaming respect but that’s the blood they bought for me, to be whiny problematic conflicting dodging and downright [...]


Professor Green Feat. Lily Allen, "Just Be Good To Green"

The new single from the British MC Professor Green, who just happens to be a veteran of Knifecrime Island's brutality, is the self-referentially titled "Just Be Good To Green." It is a hypercompressed track that is mostly notable to these ears because it features the ever-chiding voice of Lily Allen on the hook, although she's not singing her own keenly observed material; instead, she's taking on the hook from Beats International's "Dub Be Good To Me," which is itself an early-'90s remix of the S.O.S. Band's stone classic "Just Be Good To Me." And yet… Lily's voice here sounds a little too pitched-up and wheedly — like if [...]