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Is This Money Evil? The Mellow Pages Library Debates An Indecent Proposal From ExxonMobil

Post-publication update, January 9th: According to Roxanne Palmer at the IBT, the founders of the library are certainly lying about this situation. ("The funding scenario the library describes in no way comports with the open and transparent way in which we make charitable and philanthropic donations," an ExxonMobil spokesperson told her.) In our fact-checking email to Mellow Pages Library earlier this week, we wrote: "So, I guess the first appropriate question is: ExxonMobil reached out to you and offered 10x of your donations for your November benefit?" They responded: "The situation is, generally, how you summarized it. Obviously it's a little more complicated than that. We [...]


Library Closure A Very Bad Thing

“Closing libraries is child abuse.” —Author Alan Bennett is strongly against plans to shut a library near his home in North Yorkshire. [Via]


Thoughtless Louts Violate Auditory Sanctity Of Booklending Institutions

Popped monocle alert: Nobody is silent in libraries anymore!


Inside The "Riot Grrrl" Archives

An early issue of Girl Germs, one of the zines archived in the Riot Grrrl Collection at NYU’s Fales Library, is made of ten sheets of standard-size office paper stacked on top of each other, folded lengthwise, and stapled twice down the spine. With the fold on the left, so the surface is taller than it is wide, the sheets become a half-size book of 38 pages and two covers. When the master copy was made in the early 1990s, its pages were hand-pasted with illustrations, essays, and letters either torn from notebooks or cut to size, then photocopied into a small print run by Molly Neuman and Allison [...]


Booktorrent! The Bookmobile as Rural Filesharing Network

In the 1908 booklet Books for the People, the Midwestern librarian Henry E. Legler wrote: "Following in the wake of the great public library movement, which in less than two decades has dotted the cities of the United States with buildings that house millions of books for the people, came systems of traveling libraries."

Legler was speaking of what we call bookmobiles, which began to connect the rural cities of America during the early twentieth century.


NYC's 'Saved' Libraries Experience Deja Vu

Just after that one significant law passed on Friday night, Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn met up downtown to make another important announcement: A balanced, on-time budget for Fiscal Year 2012. Details of that budget are still emerging, but the official press release boasts, “We saved … libraries.” But “saved” is relative. While no sources are sure of actual numbers yet, the agreement should prevent branch closures and lay-offs, though service is still likely to drop from six to five days.

Make no mistake, this was a much better outcome than many library supporters were expecting. But this year's wrangling also represents [...]


Long Overdue, Librarians Rise Up In (Polite) Rage

In yet another horrible illustration of what happens when the slavering corpocrats get behind the wheel of anything whatsoever, Gary E. Strong, the UCLA University Librarian, passed around a letter yesterday outlining the need for a possible UC-wide boycott of Nature Publishing Group. The letter, signed by Laine Farley, Richard A. Schneider and Brian E.C. Schottlaender, three of the top UC library honchos, is harsh.