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Liars, "Mess On A Mission"

I usually read the words "Brooklyn art punk trio" as "RUN SCREAMING THE OTHER WAY!" but I stuck this one out and I'm glad I did. By the end of it you're gonna be like, "I get it!" You will still want to run screaming the other way when you see anything described as "Brooklyn art punk," but that is only natural and right.


So We Guess By Maybe 2018, John Yoo Will Be Disbarred

Okay, we can all sleep at night. The National Archives and Records Administration has asked the Justice Department to investigate the missing John Yoo emails; Justice says there is a "review" underway. So no matter what the torture-justifier says about his missing emails-"They should be easy to find," LOL!-eventually we'll get there.


Citi, Bank Of Liars

Citigroup's quarterly results, announced this morning, are a huge pile of bullshit. That the New York Times would headline their story "After Year of Heavy Losses, Citigroup Finds a Profit" is fairly dubious-although "finds" is hilarious. That's because Citi actually went out and found a way to make it look like they had a profit. We found a great explanation of what Citi did, in a toss-off by John Carney during the earnings conference call.


Ask Polly: I Desperately Need Everyone To Like Me!

Appearing here Wednesdays, Turning The Screw provides existential crisis counseling for the faint of heart. "Because it's all been a pack of lies." (Cue drum solo.)

Dear Polly,

This is probably far from an original advice-seeking topic, but I need an original answer. I am a 28-year-old woman who still feels the need to have everyone like me. I mean everyone. People I like, sure, and people whose respect I would like to have, but also people I actively dislike, people I will surely never see again, people I will never see even once in real life. Work people, Internet people, flying purple people, you get the idea. Errybody. [...]


The End of the 00s: Everybody in His or Her Own Life Needs a Hobby, by Matt Ealer

This 2000s-giving I am most grateful for Brooklyn by way of Australia by way of California art school and transplanted to Berlin but then eventually returned to America in some pitch-shifted, flame-scarred Polaroid memento of Southern Californian dreamy excess band Liars. Let me tell you why.


Goldman Sachs, Liars

The huge fat lie that layoffs are necessary for companies to succeed in these times was exposed today when Goldman Sachs issued its quarter 1 earnings. Dealbreaker notice the key data: the company's headcount was down 7% over the previous fiscal year. And yet! Compensation and benefits for staff were up 18% over the previous year, "primarily due to higher net revenues." Got it, boys.


Feral Leftist Mob Attacks Madison (in Right Wing's Imagination)

What happened last night in Madison, Wisconsin? According to Fox Nation, "Rabid Leftists Storm Wisconsin Capitol After Vote"! If only. Perhaps better characterized as a large community of shocked and betrayed workers? (Who are not unlikely to have a victory in court, some months and years from now.) Above is a picture of the "rabid leftists" currently "storming" the Capitol in Madison this morning. (Actually: patiently waiting for the building to open.) Here they are knocking on the locked doors, just now. Don't they look like wingnuts? Or maybe more like middle-aged working people. Last night, says the local paper, "Thousands of protesters rushed to [...]


Bonner and Associates: Bonner and Associates Lie, Impersonate and Misrepresent

Bonner and Associates, Bonner and Associates, Bonner and Associates, Bonner and Associates, Bonner and Associates. That was just to make sure we do our part to increase the Google record that explains that-guess who!- Bonner and Associates has employees have for years impersonated organizations that represent actual people and then lobbies Congress in the opposite political direction. What's more evil than that?