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I Would Never Tell You That You Are Wrong, Lev Grossman

To start: let's not get it twisted, I love fantasy author and Time book critic Lev Grossman. Love. (When "we" (I) write on the Internet, cool detachment and a superior attitude are practically policy, but let's not do that today. Okay?) Grossman is a smart man who consistently says smart things. Overwhelmed by the glut of flatly declarative "this sucks I hated it" reviews that populate Amazon and Goodreads, he argued yesterday for a clearer, better articulated standard of determining literary merit. This is definitely not a terrible idea. And Grossman is also diplomatic about how your love of terrible books is real and valid and you're [...]


Lev Grossman, I Think I Have Feelings For You

Oh, so this is what falling in love is like. Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians, which I am now going to buy and read during Tropical Storm Danny this weekend: "There was also a whole chapter about a dragon that I cut out. I didn't cut it out; my editor did. I was like, 'What makes you think the novel is going to be better with less dragons in it?' I guess it didn't advance the plot or some other thing."