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How Should We Deal With The Worst Of The Internet?

"We’re bombarded with poorly written and braindead pieces of content that are engineered to go viral for the sake of virality, not to educate and improve the individual or society," wrote "Roosh V" on his blog the other day:

The internet has become a machine to fill gaps in your ego and self-esteem so that you receive the emotional benefits of validation…. The content you read now has moved from being primarily intellectual from the time of the Gutenberg press to primarily emotional. In the past, it was just too expensive to publish something with the intent to piss someone off or to gather lulz. Like with the first [...]


Are You A Roomgirl? Because Everyone's Dating Their Roommate Now

In which we discover things in our work chatroom.

A Man: My roomgirl works at [REDACTED] so just killing time before I go to an all-you-can-eat sushi place.

Choire: …so that's what they're calling it now.

Another Man: Wait. What's a roomgirl, is that like a wife… or a Roomba.

A Man: Roommate-girlfriend, which is different than girlfriend you live with.

Choire: It's all about Which Came First.

Another Man: Still confusedddd.

A Man: Right. So if you room with someone and make the mistake of marrying them they are forever a RoomPerson.

Another Man: Oh! I'm doing a similar thing: my now-girlfriend was a roommate first but [...]


Each Generation Lazier Than the Last

"Accusations of laziness have been levied against 'kids these days' for decades." Every generation is lazy! (A follow-up to this not really rousing defense of the current youngs.) No, but seriously, the kids today are soooo much lazier.


Why Aren't We Microwaving As Many Things As We Used To? The Answer Contains Two Seemingly Contradictory Reasons That Go Right To The Heart Of The American Character.

"Americans are at once too patient and too lazy to use their microwaves these days."


Google Takes Half A Day To Get Around To Removing Missing Bridge From Maps

In less than 12 hours, Google Maps has removed the collapsed I-5 bridge in WA (via @hackernews),…

— Veronica De Souza (@HeyVeronica) May 24, 2013

The world's biggest Internet company apparently took 12 hours to remove a missing bridge from its maps—maps that are used by millions to navigate. Tech geek society, of course, is apparently claiming this as a victory for amazingness. Except it's still not: Google maps still routes you over the collapsed bridge. Just remember, you were warned about giving one company all your email, documents, photos and everything else!


They're Watching You On Email, On Reddit, On The Phone, At The Mall. What Are You Going To Do?

In addition to her work on privacy at ProPublica, Julia Angwin's Dragnet Nation is available today wherever booksellers are spying on you.


McNally Jackson



An independent bookstore near you

You are being tracked. Besides comprehensive government spying, there are hundreds of data brokers compiling and selling information about you: Phone records, texts, phone location, computer location, web history, social networking use, background checks, credit history and now even entrance to some retail stores, with facial recognition linking you to your online data.

Julia Angwin, a reporter for ProPublica who was on a Pulitzer-winning team [...]


Your Brain Makes You Lazy

"Scientists have identified neural pathways that appear to influence an individual's willingness to work hard to earn money. Scans showed differences between 'go-getters' and 'slackers' in three specific areas of the brain." Also worth noting: "For many, the term 'slacker' is personified by Jeff Bridges' character 'the Dude' in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski. The new research suggests that Lebowski's desire to remain unemployed and spend much of his time bowling could partly be down to brain chemistry."