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Even A Skinny Brian Stelter Can Take Out An Elevator

Is your wacky neighbor hilarious and fun—or terrible? Here's an easy test:

1. Do they host book parties for E!'s "#1 Single" reality show contestant Allen Salkin? 2. Do they "blow out" your elevator? 3. Do they then immediately seek counsel when you complain?

Then it is possible that they are terrible instead of fun, but it's hard to tell. Bonne chance!


The Tale of Laurel Touby, Bold Millionairess, So Far

I was recently at a tony wedding party—it was really fun! Hooray for love!—and all the women there were talking about, among other things of course, their dresses. It was all "Oh I got this at a sample sale" and the like. Everyone wanted to be clear that she hadn't paid full price. Many of them even hadn't. It was as if buying retail was a crime. And it was slightly scandalous (as if it were, like, 1890) that one somewhat New York-famous guest was wearing sneakers. They looked like Vans, people thought. But I pointed out that they were in fact Bottega Veneta sneakers—so, expensive, suede, woven vans—which retail [...]


The Most Delightfully Catty Real Estate Item Of All Time, Concerning Laurel Touby

Laurel Touby-founder of the Ponzi scheme called Mediabistro-now, by her own lifestyle calculus, "either has a car and a driver but not a whole new life, or a whole new life but no car and driver: According to city records, she just closed on a $3,905,000 penthouse loft at 43 East 19th Street."