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The Great Laundry War

This is actually happening: The company needed to make a move, one that showed the tech community who the alpha laundry company was. In early October, Washio opened up shop in San Francisco. Not surprisingly, the area around Silicon Valley was already awash in laundry disrupters. In addition to Prim, there was Laundry Locker, along with three other locker-technology-enabled businesses: Sudzee, Drop Locker, and ­Bizzie Box. There was Sfwash, which offered ecofriendly cleaning on top of pickup and delivery. There was even, briefly, a service called Your Hero Delivery, whose driver-founders dressed like superheroes. (“At the end of the day, did we really want to spend our whole lives [...]


The Impenetrable Semiotics Of Laundry

"28 years old and still no idea what the little laundry instruction symbols mean." I think the second-from-left on the top row indicates that the garment should not be handled by a member of the Illuminati, but other than that I am equally stumped.


Sixteen Songs For Mitt Romney To Do Laundry To

The new Guided by Voices album, Let's Go Eat the Factory, starts with the song called "Lasers and Laundry"—which is a perfect sort of song title for recovering D&D dorks who grow up to be middle-aged indie-rock dorks with non-exciting lives. (A demographic with a large overlap among Guided by Voices fans, I would imagine.) So I've been thinking about other good songs about laundry—good songs, perhaps, to play while you do the laundry. I've been making a list. And now that we are supposed to believe that Mitt Romney does his own laundry ("Honey, how much detergent should I use?" "Oh, just a little. Like 13.9 percent….") maybe [...]