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The Collage Artist

If Lana Del Rey were a Tumblr, she would be photos of Elvis, classic cars, movie posters, and vintage paperback covers, broken up by YouTube clips of singers performing string-slathered ballads on decades-old TV shows. Her early self-descriptions—“gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” “Hollywood sadcore”—seem to suggest meaning. But when you think about them too long, they dissolve into nothingness. That vagueness—the hand-waving in the direction of something that once meant something specific, but is now an archetype, hollow and half-obscured by a glow of glamor and nostalgia—is her artistic strategy. And it’s working: Lana Del Rey is appealing because she is a self-curated collage of references and images in which she [...]


In (Lana Del) Re: Authenticity

"'Bob Dylan' is not his real name. The 'Ramones' were not related. 'Sun Ra' was from Alabama, not Saturn. The Strokes' dads are not plumbers. 'Rick Ross'… look, we don't have time for this."


Who Does The Best "Chelsea Hotel #2"?

In news that will surely anger some people, Lana Del Rey has recorded a cover version of Leonard Cohen's classic song about Janis Joplin, "Chelsea Hotel #2." She made a video to accompany it, too, all dark and moody and full of close-ups of matchbooks and cigarettes and her plump, sculpted lips. Hahaha. You really do get the sense that she's taunting us, don't you? Well, despite myself, I really like it! (*ducks*) Here's to the quiver in that deep husky voice, here's to make-believe!

Of course, Lana Del Rey is far from the first artist to cover this song. So let's try to figure out: Where [...]


Who's Afraid Of Lana Del Rey?

After nearly ripping the Internet apart, “Lana Del Rey” will make her grand U.S. debut tonight at the Bowery Ballroom in New York. Del Rey is the stage name of one Lizzy Grant, who, all the way back in 2008, arrived in the city from Lake Placid to try to make it as a singer-songwriter. Her hair was platinum blonde then, and her music, earnest and surf-inflected, was heavy on the organ. Though she did stick around long enough to do an interview with the Huffington Post, Grant ditched her persona (and her hair color) and emerged, this summer, as the current Interscope Records-signed entity known as [...]


Lana Del Rey, "National Anthem"

Huh. Just when you thought all the controversy surrounding Lana Del Rey might be dying down, turns out she was involved in the Kennedy assassination.


Lana Del Rey, "Blue Jeans"

The new-style-old-style chanteuse Lana Del Rey, who I think is really on to something but other people do not, has another video out.