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Lady Gaga, "You And I"

The attention-seeking missile Lady Gaga performed at an Elton John-sponsored benefit last Thursday, and she performed one freshly written song; "You And I," which she called a "rock and roll tune, which means it will most likely never get used as one of my singles." She is not kidding about the "rock and roll" thing — the already out there recording I was most reminded of by the track, on which Gaga lets loose a gritty, almost-Bowersoxian wail, was Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter," of all things. Too bad her stage show is probably too elaborate for her to be a last-minute tack-on to the soft-selling Lilith Fair, [...]


Five Questions About Greyson "Paparazzi Kid" Chance, At Least One Of Which Will Probably Never Be Answered

5. So Ellen DeGeneres' just-launched label eleveneleven records has signed Greyson Chance, the kid from Oklahoma who made it big on the Internet with his cover of Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" earlier this month. Ellen, you may recall, is a judge on American Idol. So does this mean that her label is associated with Sony Music, which has a link to the show? 4. Or is it associated with Interscope, home to Lady GaGa, which just last week was the label that had supposedly snagged the kid?


"Worst Wedding DJ Ever": An Internet Video Sensation, Examined

In the past 24 hours, a clip entitled "Worst Wedding DJ EVER!" has crossed my transom multiple times, usually accompanied by an exhortation like "Too Funny!" or "OMG." In the clip, some guy in an ill-fitting suit is inspired to use some… unconventional percussion while he's leading a conga line through its motions from the stage. As with many funny videos that just happen to surface on YouTube, I had one important question: Was the thing real, or was it just stealth marketing for some TV show coming to a high-numbered cable channel this summer? I put my head together with Awl Internet Expert Miles Klee and [...]


Considering Lady Gags, Minus the Finance

Much of the thought devoted to Lady Gaga has considered her as either a financial entity and/or as a marketing entity-or a straight-up market entity, taking into account the fact that currency is attention and attention is her business. (Um yes and business is good!) But what happens when you judge her as an aesthetic entity, as straight homosexualist Mark Dery does? Let us say he finds her lacking.


Why People Still Think Lady GaGa Has A Penis, Explained

"37% of internet users have contributed to the creation of news, commented about it, or disseminated it via postings on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter."


New Video and Da Vinci Code: Jay-Z's "On To The Next One"

The reliably enlightening Vigilant Citizen has some very interesting theories about the new Jay-Z video "On to the Next One." Apparently, as illustrated by all the crows, blood drinking and ram's horns in the clip, Jay is deeply involved in an occult conspiracy to put humanity under the control of the goat-headed dark lord Baphomet. This was also illustrated in the "Run This Town" video, and also, presumably, by his taking part in the MTV video awards show in September.


Lady Gaga And The Persistence Of "What"?

I continue not to understand Lady Gaga, and this doesn't make it any better, even though it is supposed to. The whole thing is a giant HUH to me. I guess she's got some new headphones or something, and that MTV VMA thing was about Princess Di? Or something? Even Dre is no help.


The 'Alejandro' Video: Lady Gaga and Failures of Pastiche

Is pastiche supposed to be coherent? I would argue that yes, it should be! There must be a motivating reason for ransacking and begging and borrowing from popular culture to reassemble it. And so the new Lady Gaga video, for the song "Alejandro," which is already a fairly incomprehensible thing, being as it is about maybe failed relationships and it being hot in Mexico and three guys and, I guess, having daddy issues, doesn't bring too much that's new to the table. Or too much that's good and also old, for that matter.


A Brief Rundown Of Pop Music Tropes That Lady Gaga Did Not Invent

Today the ultrasmooth R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo released his new single "Beautiful Monster," and it's pretty good — produced by his longtime collaborators Stargate, it's reminiscent of his earlier hit "Closer," only with icier keyboards and a more paranoid outlook. But of course one commenter had to opine that the song was "very Lady Gaga," presumably because it is an uptempo track that uses synthesizers and has the word "monster" in its title. This stray comment from someone named "rambo244" would be funny if this "Gaga already did it"-ism didn't seem to happen with recent output by 99% of pop stars; it would be even funnier if Stefani Germanotta, [...]


The Nine Most Facepalm-Worthy Slogans On T-Shirts And Tattoos Worn By Bamboozle Festival Attendees

9. Girls Don't Poop 8. Gaga Has A Weiner 7. Snookie Is My Homegirl [sic]


The Night Lady Gaga Blew Up the Internet with 'Telephone'

Natasha: Can I ask you something?

Choire: Yes!

Natasha: Do you 'get it'?

Natasha: Like Gaga overall.

Choire: I *largely* get it. I mean, obviously I groove on the, I guess, excitement level? And I don't despise the music, although it's remarkably unremarkable. But I get it!


The Styles Of Lady Gaga

It is indeed difficult to assign an accurate taxonomy to the many costumes worn by Lady Gaga, but I feel like this is an admirable effort: "By their very nature, the garments defied description. But here's an attempt to encapsulate three of them: Muppet Wonder Woman; Joan Collins Jedi Nun; Jellyfish bride humidity disaster area."


Ill-Fated Lady Gaga Goes Time-Traveling

"If Gaga is to maintain her distinctiveness, she'll need to preserve her orientation toward art as kids putting on a show. It's what connects her performance of fame to Andy Warhol's vision instead of Simon Cowell's. She's been derided for constantly citing the Pop pioneer, but the connection is real. Having gotten her start in the bohemian enclaves of downtown New York City-"

Um, listen up, Ann Powers. Lady Gaga is a number of interesting things, but a time traveler to New York City's long-gone history she is not. We imagine she knows some amazing things! But probably not enough physics to construct a time machine back to [...]


Yeah, It's Jude Law Reading "Poker Face"

Because why not, here's Jude Law on the Jimmy Fallon thing reciting Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." And this day started with such high hopes! [Via]


Lady Gaga Explains Sex, Controversy on the Television!

Just kidding! Here's the real video with Larry King.


Lady GaGa, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Shirley Bassey, Debbie Harry And Sting Turn Carnegie Hall Into A Fancy Karaoke Bar

This performance of "Don't Stop Believin'" (yes, that one) from a Rainforest Fund benefit last night in New York City proves that while you can put the Lady in really uncomfortable "arty" shoes that make her look like she's about to fall over, you can't pry the lyrics to Journey's ever-unkillable ode to hope from her brain. (Elton, however, got a bit tripped up by the verses at the beginning there…) [Via / Related]


The Problem With Writing About Music In 2010 Is Very Similar To The Problems With Writing And Music In 2010

"The essential complaint is about what you can and can't get paid to do in 2010."


"Baby GaGa" Could Be The Next Susan Boyle, For Better Or Worse

Laura Fontana is an eight-year-old from Brazil who loves to dance around to the music of Lady GaGa, at least judging by the video clip of her performing "Bad Romance" and "Paparazzi" on the Brazilian talent show Qual é o Seu Talento?. The outrage over her performance has already come from the usual quarters, and truth be told, the whole tableau definitely has its creepy aspects, from her mom's cheerfully singing along with the slightly menacing lyrics of "Bad Romance" to the half-hearted gyrations she's engaging in for the benefit of the Bruce Vilanch/Santa hybrid who I guess is the "Simon" of this show's judging panel. But [...]


Beyoncé Is An Illuminati Puppet–But One Man Knows the Truth

One day in the early 2000s, I received an unsolicited email from someone I didn't know; if you had an email address then, you probably did too, daily, and most of the time ignored such notes. But there's spam, and then there's spam. It began: "If you are a time traveler or alien disguised as human and or have the technology to travel physically through time I need your help!"


"Video Phone": Watching and Being Watched

Beyonce's I Am… Sasha Fierce celebrated its one year anniversary last week, and it is still being unspooled across various media-most recently, in a remix released last night of "Video Phone." The album is notable for an album by a woman in that it has no guest stars, no rappers cropping up, but in this remix, she is accompanied by more-newly-famous entertainer Lady Gaga. This is a remix in the sense that Sinead O'Connor's remix of "Jump in the River" with Karen Finley was a remix, in that there is largely only sections added; added value, brand conjunction, etc., and also that the match-up seems at first strange. In [...]