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Could One Of These Cultured Chimpanzees Please Show Me How To Open A Juice Box For My Kid?

"Researchers from Kyoto University in Japan and the University of Kent in England gave two groups of chimpanzees straws and put them in rooms with juice boxes mounted onto the wall. One group started using the 7-inch straws to dip into a hole in the juice box, while the other started using the sucking method (as humans would for a milkshake, or pretty much any other drink). Sucking juice through a straw was 50 times more efficient: A chimp could down 50 milliliters of juice in 30 seconds, while it would take their dipping peers 10 minutes to pull out a mere 20 milliliters. When the researchers put a [...]


Meet the Heroes of Early Scientology Reporting—Plus, a Visit to the Celebrity Centre

Across the street from Scientology's fabled Celebrity Centre, on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, there is a coffee house called The Bourgeois Pig. It is super dark in there but the coffee isn't bad, and you can sit outside. There's something like a miniature High Street atmosphere in this pleasant neighborhood; the Upright Citizens Brigade is a few doors down, and there's a good bookstore, too.

There is a pretty apartment building just to the west of the Bourgeois Pig. We met one of its residents over coffee there one day many years ago, a young hipsterish guy recently arrived in L.A. and trying to break into screenwriting, he said. [...]


Porn Film Shot On Location A Decade Ago

"I was just in awe that we were at the Coliseum. I've made movies for about 20 years and I've done a lot of things, but that one really stands out.… I mean, who gets to have sex on the Coliseum floor?" —Porn star Mr. Marcus looks back at his experience (on September 16th, 2001!) of surreptitiously filming Gangbang Girl #32 on the field of the Los Angeles Coliseum. OJ Simpson wore number no. 32 when he played at the Coliseum for the USC Trojans, which I guess is why the movie was called that. This story just keeps getting more and more macabre. Also: "The plot of [...]


LA Times Declares War on "Rumors Spread by Bloggers with Axes to Grind"

The LA Times send out a newsletter today recruiting advertisers to the newsletter of The Envelope, which is (or at least should be!) the intentionally gossipy, rumor-filled awards-show blogging fiesta at their paper. It seems so unlikely that this happened! And yet this is true. Here's one thing you might know about the Hollywood awards show season. There is "news" when people win awards. The rest of it is… what do you call that stuff… I don't know, the term escapes me now.


LOL Headlines: "Uproar over proposed bills delays answer to Internet piracy"

Losingest front-page newspaper headline of the day, from the LA Times: "Legislation uproar delays solution to Internet piracy." Yup. Congratulations, everyone, you have DELAYED SOLVING INTERNET PIRACY with your SOPA/PIPA protests. SHAME ON YOU.


Those Mexicans Will Compel You To Use Their Awesome Heroin

The LA Times is going to town on the Xalisco (north of Puerto Vallarta!) heroin dealers, in their series on the Evil Scary Super-Black-Tar Heroin, delivering an award to these dealers for Excellent Drug Business Practices. (This is part of the paper's very dramatic MEXICO DRUG WAR extravaganza.) Our hardworking Mexican friends take phone orders; deliver by car; they are not particularly prone to violence or gun-toting; they take customer satisfaction surveys; they sell in smaller amounts; they have cut consumer prices in half; and their heroin is just better. Sounds awesome!