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Suicide Commemoration Off To An Early Start

"When Kurt Cobain killed himself, 20 years ago this April 5, he became the sole top-level rock star ever to take his own life at the crest of his fame. The long list of other megawatt stars gone by his age — Jimi, Janis, Jim Morrison — fell by drug-related accidents. Or they were murdered, like Biggie and Tupac. But Cobain’s violent act put him into a sad club of one, a decision that adds a special chill and mystery to an already rare mythology." —Where were you when you heard [...]


If Man Hadn't Died He'd Look Older Now

What would Kurt Cobain look like at age 46? The joke is both too obvious and terrible to make, but the folks at Gothamist have produced some images that just might make you think.


Very Bad Word On Kurt Cobain Memorial Upsets Locals

There is controversy in Aberdeen, WA, over a tribute to suicided musician Kurt Cobain which uses… THE F WORD. Seriously, listen to how the reporter says "The F Word" in this clip. I wish when I said the actual f word-it's "fuck," by the way-it carried as much menace and foreboding as this guy puts into the phrase that describes it.


Happy Kurt Cobain Day

"Aberdeen, Washington, the home town of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – a place he once mocked as 'Twin Peaks without the excitement' – is holding its first annual Kurt Cobain Day on Thursday. Celebrations will include the unveiling of Cement Resurrection, a full-scale statue of Cobain by local artist Randi Hubbard, at the Aberdeen Museum of History. Local band Gebular will play a set expected to contain a number of Nirvana covers. And cupcakes, cookies and light refreshment will be served, according to mayor Bill Simpson."


Remembering When Kurt Cobain Killed Himself

"On Twitter today, most of those noting the 17th anniversary of Cobain’s death include this observation: 'I feel old.'" And how. Anyway, here's how the Seattle Times covered the Nirvana singer's suicide.


Courtney Love To Sue Everyone Maybe

Demon-love-magic-goddess Courtney Love has caught up with the identity thieves that have apparently been robbing Kurt Cobain's estate blind for most of the 00's. Now she is going to sue them all, says her lawyer. Isn't it neat when the evil people you imagine are stealing everything from you actually turn out to be real? There should be a German word for that. Also there should be a German word describing why your lawyer announces these things to the press. Normally, you just sue someone! Not announce you're going to sue someone.


Did The CIA Propagate Rock 'n' Roll?

Pretty much every government uses culture as propaganda, so it should not be surprising that the United States did so throughout the Cold War. As a superpower involved in a multi-pronged proxy war for the hearts and minds of each and every inhabitant of Earth, how could it not? And the CIA was behind most of it.

While Hoover and his FBI men were busy red-baiting, tapping phones, and compiling dossiers on just about any American with even the most minuscule of leftist leanings, the CIA was simultaneously funding and promoting art by many of the same people the FBI was watching. Meanwhile, Joe McCarthy was attacking anything [...]


It's Never Too Early For A Courtney Love Joke

According to the Sun, Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame has been cast as Kurt Cobain in a biopic of the late Nirvana singer. Good for him! It's nice that he'll finally get to star in a movie where the female lead is the vampire.