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Germans Just Won't Let Dead Bear Rest In Peace

"Berlin's famous late polar bear Knut is making a comeback, though this time he'll be likely to draw fewer oohs and ahhs."


Tell Me About The Rabbits, Germany

"Then the farmer hit the rabbit with the hammer. One child fainted, others burst into tears. Next, he slit the animal's throat with a knife, gutted the body, skinned it and hung it up to drain. The next day, the rabbit was grilled in the school yard and eaten—in Stone Age style, naturally, on a hot stone. Some mothers and fathers who had attended the feast had also tried it, the farmer recalled." —A farmer in the North German town of Ratekau caused a stir with a demonstration he gave during "Stone Age Week," part of a local school's 5th-grade curriculum. Thirty students signed a petition to save the [...]


Statue Made For Dead Bear

"Berlin's famed Knut was officially immortalized on Wednesday with a bronze statue in the city's zoo. Though the cuddly polar bear won't be forgotten anytime soon, the memorial keeps the dream alive for future generations."


Knut the Polar Bear, 2006-2011

I am too broken up to have anything significant to say about this, so I'll let our friends from Next Media Animation give you all the details on the tragic passing of this famous bear. Farewell, Knut. You were truly too beautiful for this world.


Bear Resembles Other Bear

"They seem to look alike — or maybe that's just wishful thinking. A half-sibling of Knut, the legendary Berlin polar bear who died last year, has just been born in a zoo in Wuppertal, western Germany, and photos of it and its mother Vilma were published on Wednesday."