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They're Going To Kill Everyone You Love (On TV)

Spoilers of all kinds throughout.

On March 17, 2014, a 17-year-old archer named Allison Argent was stabbed outside of a corrupt mental institution in California while battling demons at or near some hour seeming like midnight. She died minutes later. The obituaries went big. There was "Allison Argent was, for a few reasons, one of the most important TV characters in teen soap history," and "Why Allison Argent Matters Beyond 'Teen Wolf,'" and "Why Allison Had to Die."

"In order for Allison to truly exist as her own character, 'Teen Wolf' made it clear that there was far more to her than a [...]


The E! Investigation: "Rich Kids Who Kill"!

I've been worrying quite a bit about TV recently. There's not that much to watch? Or maybe I'm not doing my part. But the things I read in my inbox about the TV! They make me want to, like, read books. For instance, on May 12, E! will bring us "E! Investigates: Rich Kids Who Kill," an hour-long shindig about "FROM PARK AVENUE TO PRISON"! Consider yourself reassured that there is nothing exploitative about this.


Women Kill More Creatively Than Men, But That Still Won't Get Them A Seat On The Twitter Board

"Women rarely commit murder, but forensic psychiatrist Sigrun Rossmanith has treated many female killers. She tells SPIEGEL ONLINE that women's dark side is underestimated."


The Awl Video Guide To Killing Lobsters

The Summer of Death™ may be over, but there is always a time to kill, particularly when the nuclear winter comes and we are all forced to murder what we eat while walking south to avoid the cannibals. Here, in an Awl exclusive, our own personal (and somewhat frightening) chef shows you how to prepare lobsters for grilling through this coming Autumn of Death™.

Warning: Video has a fairly high gross-out factor and is not suitable for vegetarians, the easily-grossed out and, of course, Mary Tyler Moore. We'd say that no lobsters were harmed in the making of this video but that is a terrible lie.


Human Forms, Repent! Stop Killing Wolves And Leave Those Caribou Alone

"By looking at hormone levels in caribou scat, the scientists found that when humans were most active in an area, caribou nutrition was poorest and psychological stress highest. When oil crews left, the animals relaxed and nutrition improved." —The caribou herd in the petroleum rich oil sands to the east of the Alberta's Athabasca River (which is my new favorite name for a river in the whole world) hasn't been doing too well lately. The Canadian government has started culling wolves in the area to help. But this is wrong, says science. Culling wolves will only exacerbate the problem. Unsurprisingly, the better solution would be culling humans. Or, [...]