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Camille Paglia Still Doing Her Camille Paglia Thing

"As a libertarian, I support the decriminalization of marijuana, but there are many problems with pot. From my observation, pot may be great for jazz musicians and Beat poets, but it saps energy and will-power and can produce physiological feminization in men…. Alcohol’s enhancement of direct face-to-face dialogue is precisely what is needed by today’s technologically agile generation, magically interconnected yet strangely isolated by social media. Clumsy hardcore sexting has sadly supplanted simple hanging out over a beer at a buzzing dive. By undermining the art of conversation, the age 21 law has also had a disastrous effect on our arts and letters, with their increasing dullness and mediocrity. [...]


How To Teach Creative Writing To Undergrads While Being A Feminist Harpy

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, writer, editor and MFA student Jia Tolentino tells us more about what it’s like to be a college writing instructor.

How will I live without typing words like "pls use spell check" & "pls don't use 'cock' in that context" & "is the narrator a ghost or what"

— Jia Tolentino (@jiatolentino) February 25, 2014

Jia! So what happened here?

I teach introductory creative writing at the University of Michigan, and I’d just finished this agonizingly detailed response letter to the 20th student story [...]


Everyone Bad At Fucking

"Sex problems do not only affect middle age and older people — teens and young adults have difficulties with sex too, a new study from Canada shows."


Could A Young Bob Dylan Make It Now?

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask them—in this case, Esquire writer Tom Junod.

My daughter, watching a Bob Dylan documentary: "If he was around today, he'd just rap all this. And he'd have to be cute."

— Tom Junod (@TomJunod) November 21, 2013

Tom! So what happened here? We lost our dog in September. We just got a new one, five days ago. My 10-year-old daughter is obsessed with him, to the extent that she wakes herself up every hour or so to ask how he’s doing. That’s what happened when I was watching—again—Scorsese’s [...]


Kids Making Drinking More Efficient

"It's binge-drinking in an instant. It's like doing five or six shots, into your bloodstream, right away," says a guy who ostensibly means to discourage such behavior among young people.


Vacant Young People Too Busy Sending Racist Texts To Care About Ethics

"[A] new study showed young adults who text more than 100 times a day tend to be more interested in wealth, vanity and less so in leading a virtuous life. Led by psychology professors Paul Trapnell and Lisa Sinclair, the University of Winnipeg study suggested that students who text that much are 30 percent less likely to value living an 'ethical, principled life,' compared to those who texted 50 times or less a day. The study also showed that heavy texters exhibited higher levels of ethnic prejudice."


In My Day Naughtiness Was Harshly Penalized

When I was 5 years old I got a toy shooting gallery for Christmas. It was a contraption with a line of metal balls and a bright blue gun with a magnet in it; you'd lift up the balls and fire them at different targets. (I'm pretty sure this was it; I vividly remember that gun.) I played with it for a night and then the next day I did something "bad"—I've asked around, and no one remembers quite what, because it was FOREVER AGO—and my parents took it away to punish me. They kept it around on the top of the fridge for about a week or [...]


Teaching To The Brand

"Brands are part of our lives. To say they don't belong in academia is unrealistic." —Brand names belong in standardized tests "because they are part of the world students inhabit."


So Long As Adults Remain Willing To Buy Booze For Desperate Teens This Country Is Still Okay

Here is a hidden camera investigation focused on suburban New Jersey adults purchasing alcohol for actors posing as thirsty teenagers. It is hard-hitting exposes like this one that Edward R. Murrow had in mind when he invented broadcast journalism in 1948.


Millennials Perfect Art Of Writing Comical Thinkpieces

"It is often forgotten that the millennial generation’s collective consciousness was awakened with 9/11. This was then followed by the Iraq War and the Great Recession. It is difficult for members of other generations to grasp, much less empathize with, the feelings and world view that develop when you live through the rough equivalents of Pearl Harbor, Vietnam and the Great Depression all before you graduate college."


Hopefully The Jobs Of Tomorrow Won't Be Very Number-Intensive, Because If They Are Uh Oh

“The question is, can we walk and chew gum at the same time?” and the answer is, probably, so long as you don't ask us to figure out any fractions while we're doing it. We suck at math is the story.


British 13-Year-Olds Must Try Harder

How old is Britain's youngest football hooligan? The answer may surprise you.


Facebook, Alcohol Help Kids Today Cope With Heartbreaking Loneliness Of Life

"In the new study, Russell Clayton, now a doctoral student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, found that anxiety and alcohol use significantly predicted emotional connectedness to Facebook. He discovered that students who reported higher levels of anxiousness and alcohol use appeared to be more emotionally connected with the social networking site. Clayton and his colleagues also found that students who reported higher levels of loneliness and anxiousness use Facebook as a platform to connect with others."


Women Learns How To Operate Old-Fangled Talk-Tube Contraption

"Alison Caporimo, a 24-year-old who lives in Manhattan's East Village, is undaunted by newfangled smartphones and computers. But as for old-fashioned, coin-slot pay phones? The magazine editor had never really trained her Warby Parker eyeglasses on the contraptions. 'I lost a lot of coins,' confesses Ms. Caporimo, who didn't even know how to work a pay phone before Tuesday."


What Will The Robots Do To Our Kids?

We are creating a new generation of selfish monsters. Also, they will be mean to robots.


Kids Who Like Caffeine Like Other Good Chemicals Too: Science

"New research discovers a strong link between teen consumption of high-caffeine energy drinks and use of alcohol, drugs, or cigarette smoking. Investigators found that nearly one-third of US adolescents consume high-caffeine energy drinks or 'shots.' Researchers believe the same characteristics that attract young people to consume energy drinks — such as being 'sensation-seeking or risk-oriented' — may make them more likely to use other substances as well."


Second-Graders Explain The 24 Stages Of True Love

The best thing you will read all day: two of my sister's 2nd graders on "how to fall in love." My favorite: step #8.

— Ted Scheinman (@Ted_Scheinman) December 21, 2013

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask.

Ted! So what happened here?

Short answer: the best thing ever.

Longer answer: My sister teaches languages at a school in the northeast and did not actually witness the composition of this masterpiece, but a colleague confides that the two girls (both second-graders) had finished their work about 12 minutes early and decided to write a “book” using [...]


Scandal! "Today Show" Kicks Adorable Teenage One Direction Fans To The Curb

I am kind of a superfan of superfans, so you can imagine my excitement when my friend sent me this yesterday:

Crazy! One Direction fans are already camping out a week prior to the free concert.

— I Love Free Concerts (@FreeConcerts) August 18, 2013

Apparently these girls were camping out to see One Direction perform on the "Today Show" one entire week in advance. I headed straight to Rockefeller Center with my friend and photographer, Noah.

We walked around looking for that head of very blue hair and street-camping gear, but had no luck. A security guard pointed us to a line for One Direction [...]


The Shocking Truth About Adderall, Twitter And The Kids Who Use Both

And here it is, a culmination of this morning's themes (Twitter, kids today, the arrival of spring): "As the spring semester nears the end, a growing number of college students are tweeting about their use of the ADHD medication Adderall. Twitter allows experts and policymakers the opportunity to track the use of Adderall, in much the same way an outbreak of influenza can be followed as it works its way across the nation. In the new study, BYU health science and computer science researchers report the findings of their six-month investigation in the Journal of Medical Internet Research." What did they learn? "Tweets about Adderall peak [...]


Worst Generation Starts To Take Over

"Brace yourself for 'MacGyver,' Michael Jackson and 'Saved by the Bell' references: The '80s baby lawmakers are coming to Washington. In January, four new House members born during the Reagan years will be sworn in, bringing to six the number of lawmakers who could have gotten their first AOL accounts while in high school."