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The Potato Salad Kickstarter Is the Science Fiction Villain We Deserve

As of writing, a Kickstarter campaign for "just making potato salad" has raised $37,115. Every few seconds that number climbs higher, and each uptick is greeted with cheers. It's a self-perpetuating humor machine, and it is horribly efficient. There is no joke, at least not anymore; whatever joke there was has become an adaptive, joke-like arrangement of circumstances. It is a perfect device, compatible with all known theories of humor and therefore with none of them.


Man With Kickstarter Mask Project Offers Guest Post, Because That Is What Things Are Like Here In 2014

"This is a guest post by Nick Meyer, who is currently working on the Napwell, the world’s first Napping Mask. The Mask is currently running a Kickstarter campaign here."


Does "Intern" Magazine Have Interns

Intern is going to be a print publication about… interns. And we think, by interns? And about, of course, interning. Ha, wow, that word is starting to look freaky. InTERN. INtern.


They're Kickstarting right now, because that's all editorial interns ever learned about business models. (WELL? I MEAN.) But they only want £5,500, so go on and lend a few quid.

But just think. A whole magazine of people to exploit. Sensual.


"Moby Dick": The Game

I met Joel Clark and Tavit Geudelekian in Joel's Bushwick loft. They were talking, as people so often do in these situations, about a work of great literature. Joel's well-worn copy of Moby Dick was on the coffee table, next to an Apple laptop. The computer was displaying images from the card game that they have developed based on the novel. It is called "Moby Dick, or, The Card Game."

They created the project with Andy Kopas, Mark Perloff, and John Kauderer. Today it went live for fundraising on Kickstarter, with a goal of $25,000. The game mechanics combine luck and skill, much like a 19th century whaling [...]


Fish Dead

"Alex Andon, the creator of the project, may have a degree in biology and environmental science from Duke. His jellyfish tank design may have won the Best New Aquarium Product at this year’s Global Pet Expo trade show. But he has jellyfish blood on his hands."


Justine Bateman's Kickstarter

"I am self-publishing a book of poetry and artwork I created in my 20's called 'Violence + Feathers.' I worked as an actress on a very popular TV show in the 80's called FAMILY TIES. This book was created a short time after that series ended as I was acting in films and plays." —It's Justine Bateman's Kickstarter! Will she make it? "THIS PROJECT WILL ONLY BE FUNDED IF AT LEAST $19,000 IS PLEDGED BY SATURDAY OCT 29, 11:01AM EDT"! Preemptive note that the Internet requires, due to the "problem of conveying tone": I am bringing this up as a fascinating piece of the cultural moment, not as [...]


Help Make A Movie About The Mekons

Would you like to see a documentary film about about the legendary British punk band, the Mekons? Would you like to help produce one? Awl pal Joe Angio recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish The Revenge of the Mekons, for which he has spent the last two years shooting footage.


The Lifespan Of A Band

How are you to know the shape and dimension of your dreams, much less the dreams of those you share a stage with? In the beginning—and we’ll begin with Tom, because this story is his story as much as it is the story of the band; he’s the one telling it—in the beginning he was just playing with people, because that’s what Tom did. He played the guitar and David played the bass and Danny played the drums.

They were all music students in Boston, then, just mixing and seeing what might match. They played together a few times before Danny said to Tom, “Hey, I have a band [...]


Death Watch

Tikker is a normal-enough looking digital watch. Nobody needs to know that every time you glance down to check the time, you’re also checking on your death. It’s “the watch that counts down your life."

Unlike Tikker, ALARMclock has a sleek, faux-retro design, with simplistic LED display. Upon waking, the prototype tells you how much money and how many social network “friends” you have, along with how many days left you have to live based on fairly common demographic information. It's “the stuff that matters the most to the most people," according to designer Al Kelly.

Tikker received almost $100,000 in its Kickstarter funding that ended early [...]


"Bet Raise Fold": How To Make A Modern Poker Doc

The documentary Bet Raise Fold tells the story of three online poker players, the companies who make online poker possible, and online poker's Black Friday—the day in 2011 that the government seized the domains and froze the bank accounts of three of the largest online poker operations.

The movie's genesis is wholly of the modern day too. This is an independently produced and distributed documentary, funded by a group of 12 online poker players. No big studios were involved. The production spanned three years. Distribution is being supported by direct-to-consumer distribution platform VHX. A Kickstarter campaign provided the funds for music [...]


Björk's Kickstarter Comes Up $565,374 Short

"£15,370 pledged of £375,000 goal. Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator about 1 hour ago." (via)


The Unfunded Art Project Inspired By Victorian Human Skulls

Sometimes, Kickstarter campaigns don’t meet their funding goals—but it’s not the end of the world! In this series, we explore what happens next.

Last spring, Jeanne Kelly, a visual artist with a background in forensic art, was finishing up her MFA at Parsons in New York. She found inspiration for her thesis among the 138 human skulls that make up the Hyrtl Collection at Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum. Jeanne wanted to find out what the former owners of those skulls, collected in the late 1800s, looked like. She selected eight individuals—including a tightrope walker who died of a broken neck, a famous Viennese prostitute who died of meningitis and [...]


The Dog That Solves Love Crimes

"The Bobo Diaries chronicle the adventures and exploits of a private detective known as Bobo Love in this live action comic strip come to life. Bobo's specialty is love related crime. Every relationship is a crime scene waiting to happen. When it does, sometimes Bobo gets the call."


Hey You! Send a Photographer to Afghanistan!

Conceptual photographer Nicholas Grider has started a Kickstarter project to embed in Afghanistan. Grider has extensively photographed "Fake Afghanistan"-the training sites in the U.S. for Marines-and now he wants to photograph the real one. (The "real" one?) Give a little!


Here Is The Closest We May Come To Our Dream Of Being Bears

"[I]it's pretty much a bear simulator. You play in FPB (First Person Bear) and do bear things which include exploring, eating fish and plants, striking down anything that dare stand before your might, increasing your stats, sleeping and discovering mysteries of your forest home." —Two things: 1) How much money do you have, and 2) give it all here.


Marian–LOL MARINA–Abramovic Just Wants $34,748 More From You

Oh my word, Marina Abramovic is totally gonna get her $600,000 on Kickstarter to like put a roof on the bare wrecked shell of a building that she bought in Hudson for almost a million dollars. That thing is a disaster! But soon it will be a beacon, a pillar, a dark crystal of longform time-based performance art. (That's like taking a train ride up the river, but with intentionality.) The performance artist who put the fun back in fundraising is up against a deadline of this weekend, but surely she'll get there. After all, this happened?

I would need a Kickstarter to raise money to pay someone [...]


There Are Now Just 357 American Drive-In Theaters

Drive-ins, you may have heard, are in trouble. Their decline has been distinct—and distinctly lamented—for more than 40 years, and yet they somehow never quite die off. Like newspaper comics, they are one of those beleaguered swatches of Americana that never quite give up. And yet there is a new crisis. Those some 360 or so drive-ins remaining, having weathered the rise of the television and the multiplex, declining attendance, and rising suburban real estate costs, face a new dire threat yet—digital projection.

Distributors are about to stop shipping 35 millimeter film and shift to entirely digital distribution. This is little hazard to commercial cinemas, but a clear peril to [...]


Local Genius Invents "100% Frozen Alcohol" Drinks for Malls!

"I've also developed Frozen I.C.E.Bergs, our patent pending method of producing 100% Frozen Alcohol." —HOW IS IT POSSIBLE NO ONE HAS GIVEN THIS GENIUS HERO A SINGLE DIME ON KICKSTARTER YET? He wants to give people at Macy's 200-proof cocktails!


The Connie Converse Double Album That Never Got Crowd-Funded

Sometimes, Kickstarter campaigns don’t meet their funding goals—but it’s not the end of the world! In this series we explore what happens next. Up first are Dan Dzula and David Herman, the founders of Squirrel Thing Recordings. The label's first album, How Sad, How Lovely, was a collection of songs by an obscure and enigmatic singer-songwriter named Connie Converse, who recorded in New York in the 1950s without ever finding an audience for her music. After giving up songwriting and working as an editor for several years, Connie packed up her belongings, said goodbye to her friends and family and disappeared. No one ever heard from [...]


"Brooklyn's first and only New England-style clam shack"… on Kickstarter!

Hmm, is this the future? The Littleneck, a clam shack to exist between Carroll Gardens and Park Slope, is fundraising on Kickstarter. Can you… do that? I mean, you can! Sure! The best part: "we promise not to get our seafood out of the Gowanus Canal." NOT SO LOCAL NOW, ARE YOU!