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Keith Richards Continues To Not Die

Seventy. Seventy. Three score and ten, this guy. It's a funny old world.


Tom Waits With Keith Richards, "Last Leaf" (And Flowers And Roots)

“It was a tree, and there was one leaf left on the tree, and I wondered: ‘Wow, if you can make it through winter, you may be here until next year. Wouldn’t that be great, if you were just the only guy that hung on?’ I guess you could say everything’s a metaphor for everything else, but sometimes it’s just what it is. It’s just what it’s about—about a tree.” —Tomorrow is a day to celebrate, in that Tom Waits will release Bad As Me, his first new album in seven years.If you missed the interview with him in yesterday's Times, it's full of his inimitable charm. [...]


Troubadour's Memoir Approved Of

The best part of Keith Richards' Life (which, by the way, is phenomenally, shockingly enjoyable and also very sweet—the ending in particular makes you smile and tear up at the same time)? The chapter subheads that read like they're right out of a Victorian novel. There's a whole lot of awesome in this book. Strongly recommend!


Gentleman Persists In Making Uncharitable Remarks About Scale Of Colleague's Endowment

This is too amazing to mar with any kind of comment, so I will just get out of the way: "KEITH RICHARDS has reignited a row with MICK JAGGER – by claiming the singer has a tiny WILLY. The ROLLING STONES pair fell out in 2005 when the guitarist first said Sir Mick had a 'small c**k'. Keith, 66, was forced to publicly apologise. Now he says Sir Mick's ex MARIANNE FAITHFULL 'had no fun with Mick's tiny todger'."


Keith Richards Turns 66 Today

Seems pretty clear now. He's not going to die until everyone else is dead first.


Happy Birthday Keith Richards

"I'm a Sagittarius, half-man, half-horse, with a license to shit in the street." —The revered English memoirist Keith Richards, who has also been known to strum a song or two, turns 69 today. Ordinarily we would wait until a nice round number to celebrate his birth, but with a man who lives as recklessly as Mr. Richards—who knows the next time he might fall out of a tree, or slip while reaching for a book perched high atop his library?—one takes whatever chance one can to acknowledge the passing of another year.


Charlie Watts at 70

Charles Robert Watts, percussionist for British popular music combo The Rolling Stones, turns 70 today. Here is a fun anecdote about the man from his bandmate Keith Richards, concerning an altercation between Watts and Mick Jagger: "Charlie punched him into a plate full of smoked salmon and he almost floated out the window along the table into a canal in Amsterdam. I just grabbed his leg and saved him from going out… (The fight) was about absolutely nothing. I had taken Mick out for a drink in Amsterdam, so at 5 in the morning, he came back to my room. He's drunk by now, Mick drunk is a sight [...]


David Remnick On The Rolling Stones

"The Stones have not written a song of consequence in thirty years, but they have survived four decades longer than their great contemporaries the Beatles." —David Remnick reviews Keith Richards' memoir Life (subscription only, sorry). Man, why is there no love for "She's So Cold"? It's UNFAIR.


I Know It's Only A Knockoff Skull, But I Like It

My shame over my Italian heritage has made me permanently averse to the idea of jewelry on men, but I have to admit this is a little tempting: It's a replica of Keith Richards' famous skull ring. Questions about its authenticity? Worry not!


Keith Richards Demands Guarantee From God If The Stones Are To Play This Summer's Glastonbury Festival

"On a good day if the weather's fine, that's an interesting proposition." —The Rolling Stones have a new album coming out next month, have you heard? It's called Grrr! , and its cover art is by far the best the band has released since at least 1983's Undercover. It's clean and arresting and kind of naughty and dangerous and inappropriate for a group of 70-year-old men—I like everything about it except for the finger-painting font they borrowed from Bruce Springsteen's latest album cover. Unfortunately, upon the first few listens, new single "Doom and Gloom" (I know, I know: why even listen to a new Rolling Stones song [...]


Liz Phair on Keith Richards

"If Keith weren’t such a brilliant character, the reader might weary of his hypocrisy. But the truth is, he’s hilarious. I got tired of jotting 'hahahaha' and 'LOL' in the margins." —Liz Phair reviews Keith Richards' Life.


Young Keith Richards

“Spent day practising. Worthwhile, I hope!” —Janet Maslin interviews Keith Richards, memoirist. It's a pretty standard piece, but these two lines from the 19-year-old Keith's diary gave me the biggest smile I've had thus far today. The nervousness and restrained exuberance from a kid who would grow up to be a 20th century legend are really just heartwarming.


"Sober" Keith Richards A Disappointment To Alcoholics Everywhere

The report that Keith Richards hasn't had a drink for four months seems a little sketchy in that whole "a source close to [X] reports" way, but if it actually turns out to be true, the suggestion that "Keith decided to quit booze after seeing his bandmate Ronnie Wood start drinking heavily again" has got to be a literally sobering reproach to Wood. If Keith Richards stops drinking because he thinks you have a problem, well, you have a problem.