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The Life Cycle Of A Pop Song

Conception Phase The song is born in a basement, a warehouse, or among buskers on the street or subway station. The song may not be entirely finished yet.

Underground Phase The song is played to a small crowd of 3 – 20 friends, mostly drunk, incoherent, and incapable of judging its quality.

Ambivalent Phase You hear it in concert and no one cares. It’s not worth bragging to your friends, even if you secretly like the song.

Connected Phase You hear the song and it’s so refined that it’s good. Your first thoughts are, “Is this real? Am I hearing this?” This is the great “aha” effect [...]


Singing About Rape Unlikely To Endear You To Opposite Sex

Here's a helpful hint for all the fellas out there from Washington CityPaper's Amanda Hess: Performing Sublime's "Date Rape" at karaoke will not help you get laid. It sounds counterintuitive, I know, but she's got both video and anecdotal evidence to back it up.


Karaoke Slowsinging: When Is It Appropriate?

Are you ever allowed to sing a slow song at karaoke?


Social A's: How You Should And Shouldn't Do Karaoke

Dear Answer Lady,

I'm new to karaoke. How should and shouldn't I go about doing it?




Songs That Have Made Me Bawl My Eyes Out While Doing Karaoke

16. "Love Shack"—The B-52's

15. "I Touch Myself"—Divinyls

14. "Tainted Love"—Soft Cell

13. "Loser"—Beck

12. "Lose Yourself"—Eminem

11. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"—Bob Dylan