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History Will Forgive Kim Kardashian

Death jostled our usual holiday traditions, so my family spent last Thanksgiving with friends in Hastings-on-Hudson. I was seated at the kids’ table, millennials edition, which naturally meant an hour-long tangle of a conversation about Kanye West. I announced that I think of Kanye as a musical genius, but added that he struck me as something of a megalomaniac, given his remark to the Times, “I got the answers. I understand culture. I am the nucleus." The young man sitting beside me, lanky and exquisite and recently out of Middlebury, took umbrage. Kanye, he insisted, spoke publicly about feeling barred from the highest level of our cultural [...]


Which Kanye Interview Quote Is Going In Your Twitter Profile?

I went with "Respect my trendsetting" but I'm also considering "I believe luxury is to be able to go into a store and be able to afford something." Really you can't go wrong. #LAMPS


Kanye West's fashion line is DEAD

Kanye's long-awaited, super-expensive, impossible to mass produce sportswear line is apparently being scrapped. Despite rumors that it was scoffed at by every potential manufacturer and retail partner for reasons of cost, lookbook images leaked yesterday to batshit response. But samples aren't everything and Pastelle was just too EXTRA to exist. If the same could only be said for vainglorious, tantrum-prone producer-turned-rappers who date bald lesbians.