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Judy Blume Is 75

Do kids read Judy Blume today? Or is it all vampires and British wizards and whatever? I don't know, but for most of the people born roughly around the time that I was and for at least few years after she was an indispensable guide to the horror and dread that awaited us once our bodies changed. She was also a lot more than that; I'm not sure there's been enough acknowledgment of just how funny a writer she is. I would wager that more people in their 30s and 40s today owe at least a part of their sense of humor to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and [...]


'Tiger Eyes: The Movie' Is Actually Going to Happen!

This is the sound of every lady between 26 and 45 screaming. FIRST STOP: TIGER EYES. Second stop: WIFEY??? Ugh, I don't even know in which order I want the Judy Blume canon to be made into films.


The Cost Of Being A Kid In A Classic Adventure Novel

A special after-school installment of Adjusted for Inflation, as part of this series about youth.

You probably haven't been a kid for some years now. Maybe five years, or maybe many more. But whatever your age, there comes the moment of nostalgia sneaking up on you, and you remember that treehouse you had, or that clearing in the woods where all the kids played, which maybe you called something fanciful like Terabithia, or that playground with the monkey bars that served as the spaceship that everyone would compete to captain. Or maybe even bigger ventures, the running away from home, like Claudia and Nick in From The Mixed-Up [...]


20 People to Follow on Twitter: #18: Judy Blume

Throughout the month, we're counting down our most favorite Twitter accounts, ranging from the infamous to the fake to the most horrific and the most hilarious. .bbpBox{background:url( #C0DEED;padding:20px;}

Wearing texting gloves in Key West. Present from daughter who must have known how cold it would be this week.Mon Dec 27 20:17:32 via Twitter for iPhoneJudy Blumejudyblume

Once you've already followed the magical Margaret Atwood, and yet again searched in vain for a Twitter account from Joy Williams (can you imagine), it is time for you to sign up for the Judy [...]


The Bodybuilder's Guide To Getting Rid Of "Computer Back"

Do you suffer Computer Back? I do. Mine is caused by the terrible habit of hunching over the laptop while also curling my legs under the chair in a sort of corkscrewed position that is osteomuscularly nightmarish but somehow conducive to concentration. When I stand up I look like a stooped, slightly concerned turtle. Now, lots of people have Computer Back, and nearly everybody with whom I've talked about it has, at some point in the conversation, brought up the fact that Philip Roth works at a standing desk. That tidbit, you'll remember, came out in a 2000 David Remnick profile, and it apparently haunts the imagination of everyone [...]


Does Judy Blume Make Abortion Seem Like A Pony Ride?

In an era where the young adult fiction aimed at teen girls concerns itself with such pressing problems as how to dissuade your vampire boyfriend from performing cunnilingus when you're having your period, it's difficult to remember that author Judy Blume was once considered shocking or controversial. It's almost quaint to reflect on Blume's oeuvre when you put it on the shelf alongside current titles like OMG I Sucked A Lot Of Cock At Sandy's Party or Bent Over At The Ass Olympics: Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Book 3. But Blume can still inspire outrage from those on the other end of the culture wars: a recent solicitation for [...]