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Jon Langford, "Mars"

Jon Langford's new album is coming out at the beginning of April, but boy this video sure screams "right now, today." We spoke with Langford a couple years back when the Mekons put out their most recent record.


A Q&A With Jon Langford Of The Mekons

It’s likely that you either love the Mekons, or you haven’t heard of them at all. Formed as a punk band in Leeds in 1977, the sprawling lineup has remained more or less the same since the mid-'80s. Their sound spans multiple genres, among them American rock and roll and roots music. (They are, in fact, credited with producing the first alt-country album.) If you go to a Mekons show, expect to see some incredibly ardent fans, every music critic in town, and an energetic performance from all on stage.

I had the opportunity to interview Mekons cofounder and guitarist/vocalist Jon Langford while he was on a [...]


Jon Langford And Skull Orchard, "Deep Sea Diver"

The Mekons' Jon Langford played Brooklyn's Bell House last week with his wonderfully-named side-project band Skull Orchard. Awl pal Joe Angio was there, filming footage for the documentary he's working on, and YouTubed the awesomness above.