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Movies Written or Directed by John Hughes, in Order

32. She's Having a Baby

31. Mr. Mom

30. Miracle on 34th Street

29. Home Alone 3

28. Nate and Hayes

27. Reach the Rock

26. Baby's Day Out

25. Just Visiting

24. National Lampoon's Class Reunion


Why John Hughes Left Hollywood

The untimely passing of John Hughes has unleashed a torrent of tributes and remembrances. One of the more affecting and interesting can be found here. It is burning up the Internets today, and for good reason.


John Hughes Dead at 59

Director John Hughes died today at the age of 59 of a heart attack (on the same day Ben Stein was fired from the New York Times). Hughes had not directed a movie in 18 years, and spent most of that time writing and sometimes producing commercial film products for young people. There is a particularly gross/wonderful "Where are they now" slideshow at the LA Times, which includes an entry on Mia Sara: "She replaced Sherilyn Fenn on the WB's 'Birds of Prey' in '02-'03; otherwise, it's been an episode of 'CSI: NY' here, a stint on 'Chicago Hope' there." Meouch? But if you can find [...]