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Proudly Fraudulent: An Interview With MoMA's First Poet Laureate, Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith (born 1961) is an American poet. He is the founding editor of UbuWeb, teaches Poetics and Poetic Practice at the University of Pennsylvania and is Senior Editor of PennSound. He hosted a weekly radio show at WFMU from 1995 until June 2010. He has published ten books of poetry, notably Fidget (2000), Soliloquy (2001) and Day (2003) and Goldsmith's American trilogy, The Weather (2005), Traffic (2007), and Sports, (2008). He is the author of a book of essays, Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in a Digital Age (2011). As editor he published I’ll be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews (2004) and is the co-editor of Against [...]


John Cage For Christmas Number One?

I never thought I'd see the day when the Daily Mail put together a factbox about John Cage, but it's a funny old world: "A Christmas a recording of four-and-a-half minutes of complete silence could grab the prestigious number one slot this December. So far more than 20,000 people have signed up on the social networking site to support the download 'Cage Against The Machine' which aims to put avant-garde composer John Cage's work 4'33" in the top spot."


The Condition: The Eye That Never Blinks

I’m on the internet again. This is how I begin most days, any day, immediately upon waking pulling the machine against my body. I often sleep with the laptop on the bed beside me waiting, as well the last thing I touched before I stopped and tried to begin drifting off. The strobing eye of my MacBook Pro must be covered so as not to wink and wink its light against my face and keep me up.

I don’t even know what I want to look at most days ending and beginning the day in this way. The first and last things are almost always the same sites. Gmail, [...]


John Cage For Christmas

The adorable British tradition of caring about what is the number one song at Christmas time got a little more interesting yesterday when a group of musicians gathered to record a cover of John Cage's silent composition "4'33." "Madness star Suggs and dance acts Orbital and Pendulum were among those who did nothing in a recording studio," reports the BBC, which also notes that "Billy Bragg participated on speaker phone from his tour bus while singer-songwriter Imogen Heap recorded her part earlier in the day." Pete Doherty was a no-show, but that is also a contribution of a sort.