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Waiting for the Apple Tablet, with Joel Johnson

So the first thing you should know about the Apple Tablet is that I just bought a van. It's creepy. Mary HK Choi hadn't even seen a picture yet before she called me "shady." This dashed my hopes of driving to New York and taking her from Maine to Florida, eating things covered in mayonnaise all the way.

The reason I bought the van is that even when I am in the process of wanting to drop out of society, "get back to nature," etc., I can't do it without spending $5K on a fuel-snorting machine. It's what tech dorks do when we look at the world: [...]


The End of the 00s: Made in New York, by Joel Johnson

New York is a town without time, but it has a date. I moved to the city after the attacks. These are the things that made me a New Yorker.


Hey, Your Family Is Really Quite Naked on Your Christmas Card, by Joel Johnson

From time to time, The Awl offers its space to normal, everyday people with a perspective on national issues. Today, we're pleased to bring you this report by Joel Johnson, who at this time is very disturbed by someone's Christmas card.

Robert X. Cringley is a strange dude. Ostensibly a tech pundit, he sort of busted himself out of a brief moment of Slashdot-era sun when it became clear that he had lied about having a Ph.D. from Stanford and there were also some not-at-all accurate stories about magical Wi-Fi repeaters. And also he is "known for" his family's Christmas cards, he related today, because "we [...]