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Are You Ready For Debate Night In New York City?

"R u editorializing, Juan Manuel?": @deBlasioNYC when I ask abt his 'skinny' post-primary schedule. Mentions 2 unlisted Sunday church visits

— Juan Manuel Benítez (@JuanMaBenitez) October 14, 2013

It's debate night! It's a bit of down-home tomfoolery, when Bill de Tall-io has to come out and dance on the grave of Mayor Smaug and disregard the terrible gruesome presence of much-hated Republican contender Joe Lhota. All while being peppered with questions from random journalists! Including, we hope, the hot guy from NY1 Noticias.

Hey, you know who hates Joe Lhota? The staff of the MTA. Which he used to run. Funny story.

The Times has [...]


This Week's Winners and Losers of New York City's 2013 Mayoral Election

Let's look at the winners and losers of this week in the reality show that is New York City Mayoral Election 2013!

Christine Quinn: Man. Christine Quinn started out the week with a bang. The New York magazine cover story was great, it really cast her in a terrific light, and it made Mike Bloomberg look kinda like a pig. She went saucy on Giuliani, which was fun, though she trashed Jodi Foster at the same time, which was weird. AND THEN. She threw it all away by being a complete terrible despicable idiot, by signing on to the campaign to suppress academic freedom. She and a [...]


Is Joe Lhota Ready To Be Mayor?

"Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota apologized Wednesday for calling Port Authority police officers 'nothing more than mall cops' at a candidates forum Tuesday evening. The apology comes a few months after Mr. Lhota, then chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, apologized to Mayor Michael Bloomberg for referring to him as an 'idiot.' And that came a few weeks after Mr. Lhota apologized for a heated exchange in which he urged an authority board member to 'be a man.' That apology came a few months after Mr. Lhota apologized to a state senator whom he had accused of talking a lot about fighting rats in the subway, but taking no [...]


You Want a Libertarian for 2016? So How About MTA Honcho Joe Lhota

"@morelikethemoon: G TRAIN IS BACK! @joelhota for President!". HEY CALM DOWN

— Joe Lhota (@JoeLhota) November 7, 2012

On Thursday morning, inside his office, Mr. Lhota checked his BlackBerry often, hoping for an update on the L train. Moments later, he placed a call to Howard B. Glaser, Mr. Cuomo’s director of state operations, whom he wanted to brief on the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.

The tunnel could open Friday, he told Mr. Glaser, remarking that Mr. Bloomberg, “like an idiot,” had predicted publicly that the tunnel might open over the weekend. “He’s making it up,” he said, after a brief hail of profanity in which Mr. [...]


The #1 Reason NYC Subway Honcho Joe Lhota Will Never Be Mayor

As the poet said: how many trains must pass a man by until they call him a cab?