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Speed-Dating With Barack Obama

With the election over, here are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political reporter Jason Linkins to sift through the latest photos from the White House's Flickr feed and help us anticipate what the Obama second term might have in store (spoiler: great jackets, Joe Biden hugs).

Jason: I was gonna start by pointing out that if there's one picture that encapsulates why we have gotten four more years of scrutinizing the Obama/Biden/Souza administration, it's this one.

Ana Marie: Oh. My. God.

Jason: This is like, the purest distillation of the Romney campaign.

Ana Marie: Mitt waving at people through a chain-link [...]


Obama And Romney's Flickr-War For Your Love (And Vote)

With the election tomorrow, the Annotated White House Flickr Feed takes one last fond look at the campaign photos streaming out from Election 2012. Here to make sense of the images are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political reporter Jason Linkins. This week's important discoveries: The Romney team's love affair with Instagram is flourishing; Paul Ryan may have a good reason for always wearing that windbreaker; if Barack's going out, he's going out his way; and meet Joe Biden, HUG MACHINE.

ANA MARIE: This looks really apocalyptic to me, for some reason.

JASON: Ahh, yes, Red Rocks, where the white people [...]


Liveblogging Joe Biden And Paul Ryan Debating Without Sound

Tonight! Two men enter, one man leaves as Vice President. (That would be Joe Biden. Who is the Vice President.) But now a new man wants to be a Vice President next time!

Here they settle that grudge when, at 9 p.m., Old Amtrak Joe and Paul Iron Ryan take the stage at Centre College in delightful Danville, Kentucky, for the Debate of the Vice Presidents Who Would Be Vice President. Did you know that Centre College has the highest graduation rate of any college in Kentucky, at 81%!?

Please join us in your living rooms and cafes and offices at 9 p.m. when the festivities begin. But [...]


"Sushi Is The Gay Marriage Of Food"

So then, "Will and Grace" would be like the California roll?


Joe Biden Remembers Ted Kennedy

Vice President Biden gave an unexpectedly touching tribute to Ted Kennedy earlier this morning. The full clip is here, but I found these personal reminiscences to be the most moving part.


Biden Stricken By Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Here's Vice President Biden on "The Today Show" this morning, scaring the hell out of anyone who is actually stupid enough to listen to him. Biden's advice on the swine flu-essentially, panic and avoid public places-was quickly reinterpreted by a spokesperson to [...]


The Delights Of 'Diamond Joe Biden: Vice Presidential Jams'

Show of hands for yes: did the internet turn on you this year?

Oh thank God, I'm not the only one. What in the world happened to the internet this year, you guys? The internet had, heretofore, been so delightful! Filled with all manner of fascinating learnings and point-and-stare characters and all those exclamation points!! Exclamation points for days!!! An embarrassment of exclamation points!!!!

It seems, however, that this year brought a new internet. A sullen one. A teenaged one, but without any of the fun teenaged antics like kegstands or unwanted pregnancies. This internet was all moderate-to-severe acne and monosyllabic responses.

There were, however, a few shining stars among [...]


Obama And Romney Turn To Instagram In Battle of White House Photo Worthiness

The Annotated White House Flickr Feed continues with another special Election 2012 edition (you'll find the previous installment here). Here are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political reporter Jason Linkins to compare the campaigns. When did the Romney team learn about Instagram? How long till they also hear about "autofocus"? How many windbreakers does Paul Ryan own? And who does John Sununu hate more: Barack Obama or Lena Dunham?

ANA MARIE: So, they're INSTAGRAMMING or something now.

JASON: This image, is like at Ahmadinejad levels of obvious Photoshop fakeness.

ANA MARIE: Sort of like Romney's tan.

JASON: [...]


Oh Yes, We Are Liveblogging Biden Vs. Ryan

Do you love to watch weird men in suits argue on the teevee, and while this is going on do you also like to look at computers and smartphones and "tweets," to further the goals of American democracy? Then join your co-hosts "Choire and Layne" tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern and 6 p.m. Pacific for a very special revolutionary form of liveblogging that will be unlike anything you've ever seen or done, ever. Also we are on this Twitter!


Serious Newspaper Article About Parody Newspaper Article Has To Be A Joke, Right?

I mean, did they invent some new kind of "meta" and not tell me about it? Anti-meta? So confused!

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has never smashed a Whac-A-Mole game in a drunken fit. He has never invoked Freedom of Information laws to find out a female federal employee’s work schedule. And to the best of anyone’s knowledge, he has never washed his car in the White House driveway.

But to readers of The Onion, the satirical newspaper and Web site, the vice president has done all of those things, plus bounce a check for $39.50 to a liquor store and star in advertisements for Hennessy [...]


Blog Post Read Aloud For Some Reason

If you are interested in hearing a dramatic reading of our transcript from the Beer Summit starring the voice talents of Christopher Hayes, Amanda Carpenter, Ana Marie Cox, and Ezra Klein, you can listen in at the Air America website. Ana does her "street" voice!


Joe Biden Is 70

A very happy 70th birthday to Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., a dedicated public servant for forty years who I think we can all agree, no matter our politics, that we hope remains in his current position for the next four years. Also celebrating a 70th birthday today: composer Meredith Monk. Here's her "Road Song" from the True Stories alternate soundtrack.


Joe Biden's Laughter: Is This Even Legal?

America's vice president delivered many robust bursts of laughter last night, laughter that seemed (to us) to mean the usual "Oh come on, Paul Ryan, you are a ridiculous liar."

But there are varying opinions! Those on the right, for example, would never vote for Obama-Biden–and they are none too pleased with this Joe Biden and his laughter. Why, they have even less intention of voting for him now, if that's possible.

The important question is whether anyone is trying to "spin" this on Twitter.


The Sinister Joe Biden Conspiracy To Protect President Obama

[W]hatever his miscues Mr. Biden was a respected Washington figure. And why not? The senator from Delaware had earned that respect the old-fashioned way: by embracing virtually every enthusiasm that passed for wisdom inside our Beltway. On foreign policy alone, Mr. Biden helped cut off aid to South Vietnam in 1975 after the North invaded. He pushed arms control while opposing the Reagan military buildup. He voted against the Strategic Defense Initiative, voted against the first Gulf War, and so on down the line.

Now he has become a punch line for late-night television. Of course, that makes the vice president a great convenience for our late-night comics. [...]


Joe Biden Does Say "Man" A Lot

"In the early days of the administration, aides said, Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton treated each other gingerly, using Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. as an informal go-between. 'Hillary would say to me, 'How do you think I should present this to the president?' Mr. Biden recalled in an interview. 'And I'd say, Whoa, just present it to him. And Barack would say, 'Does she know what a good job I think she's doing?' I'd say, Just tell her.'" -The big long piece about the relationship between President Obama and Hilary Clinton that Mark Landler and Helene Cooper wrote in today's Times is a heartening, even heart-warming read. [...]


Minutes Of The Meeting Between Gates And Crowley At The White House

Late this afternoon, President Obama finally sat down over beers with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge police sergeant James Crowley. The LA Times notes that "a small group of photographers and reporters was permitted to witness the meeting for about 30 seconds and from about 50 feet away — transmitting to the world a snapshot of Obama, in shirt sleeves, seated at an oval table with the now-famous pair. Gates and Crowley appeared to talk seriously, and at one point Obama gave a hearty laugh. Joining the three was Vice President Joe Biden, also in shirt sleeves." While the meeting was closed to the press, we've obtained [...]