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And Now A Word From 1980

Why it's Joan Jett and the Blackhearts doing a little number from 30-odd years ago called "Bad Reputation." It still sounds pretty tight! I would make a joke about their hearts probably being black for real now, because of age and everything, but people in black-hearted-from-age houses etc. Anyway, for a couple of minutes you can reminisce about living in world without Internet. It seems like a crazy dream now, right? [Via]


The Nine New Nominees For The Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame Are Super Excellent


Joan Jett Is Like A Magic Octopus When It Comes To Picking The Winner Of The Superbowl

Joan Jett has correctly picked the winner of the last eight Super Bowls. And she missed predicting the exact score of yesterday's game by three points. [Via]


Rock Stars Need To Stop Writing Good Books

Oh, man! Bob Dylan is going to write six more books for Simon & Schuster! That's great, because his first one was so totally excellent. But also, six more? Really? Six? When am I going to have time to read six more books by Bob Dylan? (Especially seeing as I have to spend so much time watching his old music videos on YouTube.)


The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Should Not Exist

"Certainly the body of artists on the museum's roster represents pop—yes, it's a certain idea of pop, one with a stamp of Importance that's defined by values rooted in privileging rock's ethos over others, but it's pop nonetheless." —Awl pal Maura Johnston is right to sigh and complain about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's inherently awkward and confounding selection process. (And she gets to, because she voted!) I think it's an institution that should not exist. The fact that Joan Jett didn't qualify as a first-ballot inductee speaks to why. Even under the problematic organizing principle that has the Beastie Boys making it in over Eric [...]


"The Runaways" Trailer

Okay, here's the full-length trailer for the forthcoming The Runaways, starring Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie and the girl from Twilight as Joan Jett. Does this count as mumblecore? [Via]