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Choice Affirmed

Man, declared Jean-Paul Sartre, is in anguish: the anguish that comes from the freedom to choose. "When a man commits himself to anything, fully realizing that he is not only choosing what he will be, but is thereby at the same time a legislator deciding for the whole of mankind—in such a moment a man cannot escape from the sense of complete and profound responsibility. There are many, indeed, who show no such anxiety. But we affirm that they are merely disguising their anguish or are in flight from it. Certainly, many people think that in what they are doing they commit [...]


Serious Existentialist Sasha Grey

"Last week, before interviewing the actress and former porn star Sasha Grey, I found myself skimming Being and Nothingness, Jean-Paul Sartre’s 800-page existentialist treatise." Some first lines beg you to read on and sign off simultaneously.