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What Do You Call 100 Lawyers Marooned On An Asteroid Like Bruce Willis in "Armageddon"?

“Space tourists are usually high-income earners whose survivors can use high-powered lawyers—insurability for private space travel flights is a big issue at this time." —Space lawyer Doug Griffith talks to Fast Company's Neal Ungerleider about the growing field of space law.


The Potential Drawback To James Cameron's Fixing The Oil Spill

If director James Cameron, who "was among a group of experts called in to meet with officials at the Environmental Protection Agency to help come up with ideas to deal with the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico," actually does provide a solution to the problem, well, good lord, can you imagine the swelling of his already massive ego? I don't know if the world is ready to confront something that gigantic. I mean, the thing is going to be so big that we're gonna need to call in Jerry Bruckheimer to consult on how to blow it up.


Mars Needs Bathing Suits

"If it moves like water, it may very well be water." —Oregon State planetary science professor Joe Levy discusses the "recurring slope linneae" visible on the surface of Mars in recent high-resolution photographs. Some people think the lines, which run downhill into ravines, offer proof that water exists in frozen form on the red planet's crust, and melts into flowing liquid during warmer months. Of course, with James Cameron fresh back from his trip seven miles deep into the Mariana Trench, other possibilities come to mind.


Real or Fake, James Cameron's Twitter Is Right

The self-important OCD-riddled semi-sociopath director James Cameron is, unfortunately, insanely correct in this case, whether or not this Twitter account is really his, which I kind of don't think it is.


Six Hours at the Very Bottom of the Ocean

Yesterday, James Cameron—the film director, yes—broke the world's record for ocean dive in a submersible. This month, he's going to the deepest depths of the ocean, alone, in what is basically a 43-inch-wide bubble. Not vomit-inducing enough for you? "James’s breath vapor and sweat will condense on a metal surface where it is collected into a bag; He can drink it in an emergency." So long, James Cameron! Hope you've left Sigourney Weaver in charge of Avatar 2.


James Cameron, Loon, To Make Lots More Money Soon

This profile of James Cameron reveals that he is a fabulous crazy person who basically talks like Tony Soprano, which you probably already knew, what with the five wives, the insane budgets, the love of hot death and the run of box office magic. Sometimes crazy works! Such as his preparation for fires in the vicinity of his Malibu compound. "We have a big fire problem here," he said. He mentioned that he has his own pump house. "We take the pool water, mix it with Class A foam, and pump it out over the whole property. Everybody else just runs for the hills." He threw his hands up [...]