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Last Straight Man In America Weirded Out By Gay Creep In "Skyfall"

A gay villain in a James Bond movie? The world has definitely changed since I started reading 007.

— HowardKurtz (@HowardKurtz) November 11, 2012

When ex-Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz greeted the world on Sunday morning with his uncomfortable feelings about the new James Bond movie, it only took professional Twitterer Jack Shafer two minutes to respond with, "You have bad gaydar." And this is probably true! How could anyone claim to have read the Ian Fleming books and not picked up on Ian Fleming's delightfully English combination of fascination/disgust with The Gays?

Besides, as the Twitter people quickly pointed out, [...]


Steal big

In case you don't feel like reading through all the "blah blah blah back in William Randolph Hearst's day" that Jack Shafer uses to bulk out his column, here's the abridged version: It's okay that the Huffington Post steals, because they steal quickly, frequently, and with a keen eye toward efficient SEO.


Man Gets Job

Jollily abrasive media critic Jack Shafer, recently let go from Slate, has landed on his feet, by which we mean he'll be doing his media criticizing for Reuters.


The End of the Current Incarnation of This Corner of the Internet

It's the real end of a very long and sturdy era: sly and quiet media blogger Jim Romenesko will be semi-retiring at Poynter and Slate has laid off loud and jollily abrasive media columnist Jack Shafer, who is now drunk. These two have been the opposing end-caps on the rolling barrel that is media reporting online throughout the entire existence of the popular Internet as we know it. Both will continue to do some work for their current publications, but really they were the last two institutions standing: Richard Johnson left Page Six; Peter Kaplan left the Observer; there is nearly nothing remaining from the Old [...]