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Buying Music On Your Computer Is Old

"CUPERTINO, California—April 28, 2003—Apple® today launched the iTunes® Music Store, a revolutionary online music store that lets customers quickly find, purchase and download the music they want for just 99 cents per song, without subscription fees. The iTunes Music Store offers groundbreaking personal use rights, including burning songs onto an unlimited number of CDs for personal use, listening to songs on an unlimited number of iPods, playing songs on up to three Macintosh® computers, and using songs in any application on the Mac®, including iPhoto™, iMovie™ and iDVD™.

'The iTunes Music Store offers the revolutionary rights to burn an unlimited number of CDs for personal use and to put music [...]


iTunes' "69-Cent One-Hit Wonders" Ranked By Relative Tolerability

16. Baha Men, "Who Let The Dogs Out"


Should You Buy All 778 AC/DC Songs Now Available On iTunes?

After years of holding out as "refuseniks," the great Australian heavy metal band AC/DC has finally made their catalogue available through iTunes. "Sixteen studio albums, four live albums and three compilations, which have sold more than 150 million physical copies worldwide," as the BBC reports—a total of 778 songs. Now, if there was ever a band for which you did not need to buy 778 songs it is AC/DC. I love them with all my heart, but they are pretty clearly the band being referred to in the scene in Spinal Tap when a record review says, "The musical growth rate of this band cannot even be [...]


iTunes 10 Is So Incredibly Ugly

Jesus Lord, iTunes 10 is ugly. It's so ugly! From the dock logo to the buttons to the icons to the spacing to even little tiny things, like the shade of the grey background and the shade of the fonts and the recasting of the volume bar-everything about it seems hideous, clunky, metallic; it feels impossible to get one's little trackpad to navigate these blocky boxy things. Is there not a senior gay in Apple product design to throw up his hands and send a design like this back to the youngsters? I know there's decided gay presence in the retail store design, which explains why their stores are [...]


We Are More Excited about Girl Talk on Everything than the Beatles on iTunes

Crazy technologist Anil Dash likes to talk about the end of the canon, as it applies to everything from Lady Gaga remixes to forked software on GitHub. Meaning: Increasingly we experience slightly different versions of the same thing. There is no more canonical version.

This is especially true of media. My favorite version of “Paper Planes” may be different than yours. (Yours sucks.) You’re rocking the DFA remix and I’m all about the Afrikan Boy & Rye Rye version. Even live media events are fractured, splintered through the lens of FoxNews or MSNBC or Autotune the News. It takes something huge to crash [...]


The Old Ways Are the Best Ways

What is with this modern world? For instance: on iTunes and on Amazon download, you can't purchase Queen's "Greatest Hits I, II & III – The Platinum Collection." You can only buy the greatest hits album by album, such as the 14 songs on "Greatest Hits I" for $11.99 on iTunes (which is $9.49 on Amazon), or the Platinum Collection song by song for 99 cents each. WHICH IS $43.56. Or, you know, you can buy The Platinum Collection for $15.49! On some things called CDs! Which I guess can then go into your computer, if you have a working disc drive and somehow become mp3s? Back with more Queen-related [...]