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The Internet's Vigilante Shame Army

In 2012, more than ever, the internet became the way we shame people now. Here to talk about online justice and public shaming are academic internet experts Whitney Phillips and Kate Miltner. (Whitney recently completed her PhD dissertation on trolls; Kate wrote her Masters thesis on LOLCats—yep!) Up for discussion today: Violentacrez, hate blogs, racist teens on Twitter, poor Lindsey Stone, Hunter Moore, and last Friday's misidentification of the Sandy Hook shooter.

Whitney: Contrary to Nathan Heller's Onion-worthy New York Magazine article lamenting the loss of the "hostile, predatory, somewhat haunted" feel of early web, the internet of 2012 is not always a warm and fuzzy place. In fact [...]


Hey Judge, didn't I see you on YouTube?

The Florida Supreme Court reprimanded Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Alemán today for violating judicial standards and damaging public trust in the courts. The reprimand was "broadcast over the internet and was expected to be viewed by many attorneys who had been following her case." Everyone one who is trying to figure out a way to monetize web content-present company included-should take note of this; I would certainly pay good money to watch people get reamed out by their bosses online.