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The Infographics Have Turned on Us

Nearly everything about The Upshot's new infographic blockbuster, "How the Recession Reshaped the Economy, in 255 Charts" is grim: Your industry is probably doomed—vocational rehabilitation services, a seemingly highly relevant field in this post-recession, godforsaken labor market, has not recovered—unless you make apps, or wrench natural resources out of our deteriorating planet in order to power the computers on which the apps are made, or you sell truffle-laced chocolate bars to the people making the apps, or brown liquor to the people who aren't making the apps and trying to get by, perhaps a construction worker or a print journalist or a factory worker. There are two hundred [...]


Infographic: Should You Cover a Piece of Tragic Breaking News?

Homemade infographics are stolen from Tom Scocca.


Death Of Literacy Commemorated In Infographic

"If you were to binge-watch these popular shows start to finish, how much of your life would they consume?"


How Many People Voted On Your Block?

This awesome map aggregates all the voter data and breaks it down block by block, across the city. Mmm, data. (Sadly we have to wait some time for the Board of Elections to put together all the votes for the other candidates, so we can see how many votes Bernie Goetz and Charles Barron got!) So, 142 people voted on The Awl office's block-with fewer than 2/5ths of them voting for Bloomberg.


A Chat With Tim Leong, Author Of "Super Graphic"

When I first held it in my hands, I was afraid it was a trifle, the kind of published material you might pick up at Urban Outfitters: maybe pics of misplaced apostrophes, maybe something about hipsters. But Tim Leong’s Super Graphic, to be published tomorrow by Chronicle Books, is different. It’s a little bit longer and wider than a book that might be based on someone’s Tumblr, and there are at least half again as many pages. Also, it is not trifling at all, which is quite an accomplishment for a book of charts and graphs that each deal with some dataset derived from comic books and the [...]