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How To Not Barf

The norovirus and various other lesser but still debilitating stomach-oriented bugs are making the spring rounds—"Rhode Island Wedding Results in 74 Norovirus Victims"!—including possibly around the edges of our office. I recently missed four days of work—really my first stretch of sick time in five years. I did, basically, think that I was going to die. There were some dark nights of solemn contemplation of life, and if it was worth living. I also got a great head start on my swimsuit season weight loss, so boo-yah! Also I can eat again now.

And I did it all without barfing. I have only barfed twice in the last 25 [...]


Time To Get Ill


Mild Illness Seen In Westchester Heterosexuals

Mild Illness Seen In Westchester Heterosexuals.

Doctors in Chappaqua and Amityville have diagnosed among heterosexual teenagers at least 160 cases of a rare and often not at all fatal virus. Zero of the victims died less than 24 hours after the diagnosis was made.The cause of the outbreak is unknown, and there is as yet no evidence of contagion. But the doctors who have made the diagnoses, mostly in tony towns of Westchester, are alerting other physicians who treat large numbers of well-off heterosexuals to the problem in an effort to help identify more cases and to reduce the delay in pulling them out of private schools. [...]


Your Body Is Waking You In The Middle Of The Night To Tell You Something's Wrong, And Also You Might As Well Go To The Bathroom Now That You're Up

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night for no reason? Maybe you're dying! Here's a bunch of shit to worry about.


"The Brain Is Filling Up The Space With Something Else"

Sire Terry Pratchett-author of the popular Discworld series-discusses the effects of his Alzheimer's disease: "I can turn a phrase and actually I can turn a phrase bloody well when I want to. But if I took off this shirt and you threw it on the floor and perhaps pulled a sleeve inside out, I would be able to put it back on again, but you would see the celebration happening afterwards. It's all to do with one's apprehension of the world."


I Have A Cold

About ten days ago, I found myself thinking, Hey, here it is February and I haven't yet gotten sick this winter. Of course, even just thinking this was as good as eating a double-scoop ice-cream cone where the ice-cream was replaced by germs. Or having a large, germ-covered housefly fly straight down my throat and directly into my lungs and buzz around in there splotching its hairy, germ-covered body repeatedly against my vulnerable alveoli. Or going outside soon after a shower, while my hair was still wet, having forgotten a hat, and walking fifteen blocks in twenty-degree weather. That last one is what I did, the very next day.


Alzheimer Ad

I am almost hesitant to post this because, you know, it's gloomy enough out there already and hey, it's Friday, we should be in a good mood, etc. But this ad, from Association France Alzheimer, is rather remarkable. Also devastating, so think about what kind of mood you want to be in for the rest of the day before you click it. I'll try to be more upbeat with the next post.