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Iggy Pop And New Order, "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

I mean, did you think there was a way we were gonna not post this? [Via]


Iggy Pop Still Cool

"Am I still cool? Or is that over now?" -Iggy Pop, to Rolling Stone, on the occasion of his being inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. It's a good question. (But, really. Come on. Forever forever forever forever…)


If You Were Wondering How Iggy Pop Is Getting Along With His Penis These Days, Here Is An Update

"I would characterize it sort of like a powerful interest group within a political party at this point. It used to be the entire political party." —Iggy Pop explains his current relationship with his penis.


Madonna, Iggy Pop, the Sexual Revolution and Islam

"Just look at these young people. They are burning up with passion. They have such a lust for life, and yet they are so inhibited. People in the Middle East are poets, writing poetry from morning to night, and what do they write poetry about? About desire. The little boy in the street does it, and so do the construction worker and the academic. They are all writing poetry about the same subject, the subject that is suppressed more than anything else." Der Spiegel has a fascinating interview with German-Turkish writer Seyran Ates, who apparently listens to Madonna and Iggy Pop (maybe she was at last [...]


Old Man Hurts Foot

"Iggy and the Stooges have delayed their upcoming four-date tour of America because Iggy Pop broke his foot during a festival gig in Romania late last month."