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Crow Carnage In Canyon County Ruffles Feathers

Police officers from Caldwell, Idaho, are facing criticism for not properly disposing of the corpses of the crows they have shot to death in the line of duty. On the days when I feel as though I have finally had enough of this city and it is time for me to move somewhere more sedate and less congested it is incredibly helpful to see stories like this that let me know what the rest of the country is actually like. Don't make me go there, I promise I'll be good.


Terrible Campaign Ad Needs More Crazy To Put It Over The Top

Idaho gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell is the playful fellow who suggested that he might enjoy hunting President Obama. This campaign ad won't help his chances, although it does pay tribute to the fact that we live in an age where the best thing you can do for your run is to release a crazy-ass video on the web and hope it goes viral. Sadly, it is just not crazy enough, although it does accurately convey his tough stand on wolves. I am not even sure if this is an authorized effort from the Rammell campaign, because it seems a little too polishedly sloppy, but either way, I [...]


The Creative Class is Moving to Moscow, Idaho This Summer

Beginning June 1, a number (unspecified) of people are moving to Moscow, Idaho for the summer. Why? Because it's "a small college town with the luxuries of home (espresso + broadband)." Would you like to join them? They have a Facebook page. And a Tumblr. At least 30 people have committed to going so far. Sign up here!


Top Six Funniest Comments in the 'Idaho Statesman' on the New "Consultancy" Firm Founded by Larry Craig

From the Idaho Statesman, on the occasion of the founding of New West Strategies LLC: 1. "I'm glad he was able to 'tap' into some new business." 2. "Consultation on restrooms?" 3. "'Once you're free of it, you really realize how free you really are,' Craig told the Idaho Falls Post Register. Indeed, Mr.Craig! (Is that 'Dancing Queen' by Abba I hear playing in the background?)" 4. "If Kohler or American Standard ever decide to bring out a line of extra-wide toilets, Larry would be the ideal consultant." 5. "Can't wait to read his book: Family Values – The Republican Way. I'm sure it will be endorsed by [...]


Local Man from American Falls Turns Against Republicans

Good morning, have you read your local paper? Today's small-town American newspaper: The Aberdeen Times and the Power County Press, which share both a website and adjacency to Idaho's Craters of the Moon national monument. Their top story today: Pigeon poo presents perplexing problem for A.F. City Council. Oh yes, Aberdeen's neighbor, American Falls, is in trouble: An overabundance of pigeons leaving their calling card on buildings and sidewalks in downtown American Falls led to a slightly humorous, but serious discussion at the American Falls City Council meeting Wednesday, April 6.

Several citizens voiced their willingness to use their shotguns to help with the pigeon problem [...]