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Absurdity Appreciated

"The modern-day cocktail renaissance has influenced many businesses beyond bars (start-up syrup companies, vintage cocktail book reprinters, bar tool makers, etc.), but the specialty cocktail ice industry must be one of the most wonderfully absurd."


The Secretive Men of ICE

Apart from the sinister specter of socialism, the most common complaint raised against increased federal oversight of our financial markets is that it empowers aloof bureaucrats to “pick winners and losers” on Wall Street, and therefore defiles the essence of free-market competition.

But as Louise Story makes clear in a New York Times dispatch from the arcane battles over disclosures in the derivatives market, the real reason that investment banks resent government intrusion is that is too much, rather than too little, competition. They believe that picking winners and losers is clearly their job. Storey gamely tries to report on the doings of a nine-member conclave of New [...]


You're Gonna Get Wet

"Due to the amount of snow on the ground, warming temperatures and rain, Greater New Yorkers face a new set of winter hazards on Thursday. These will come from above and below in the form of black ice, slushy street corner puddles and chunks of snow and ice falling from buildings." —Yes, you will probably be soaked by some form of solidified moisture as you wend your way through town today, but just remember the classic New York City adage "If it isn't jizz, go about your biz" and keep moving. (Unless it is, in fact, jizz, in which [...]


A Treasury of Videos of People Falling on Ice

As the biggest storm since the early 1790s (estimated) arrives to destroy America (because of our freedom), amazing things are happening all over the country. Ice, for instance, is rising up to overthrow the totalitarian regime that is people. And so all over America, people are falling down. Lots of them. And there are cameras nearby—including creepy dads with security cameras all around their houses?