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Bigfoot Just Another Thing You Can Legally Kill In Texas

“We don't acknowledge that one exists. But  if you wanted to shoot and kill a Bigfoot in the state of Texas, you would just need a hunting license,” Major Larry Young of Texas Parks and Wildlife told the Houston Chronicle. In response, a representative for PETA noted that, "As an organization we do oppose hunting of any kind. It's cruel and unnecessary and can damage populations and ecosystems." Fair enough, but we're having a hard time finding any scientific citations for the claim that shooting Bigfoot could damage the ecosystem of Texas.


One Man's Campaign to Blind and Shoot Cats

"Don't, for even one moment, fall for the song and dance about cat-lovers being animal-lovers, they are anything but that. They don't give one damn about any other animals nor even other humans. Cat-lovers are just like cats, the only thing they care about are themselves. Nobody else and nothing else matters to them."

So begins a very long and very persuasive blog comment on this site about the evils of cats—an argument that this unknown person makes over and over again on various websites, word for word. What drives a person to begin a holy war against cats? I mean, he's not wrong, in part! [...]


Real America, with Abe Sauer: They Even Put Ads on Birds Now

It is news to nobody that we are a world undergoing "ad creep," an invasive omnipresence of advertising. Now, ads are more than just "on" our lives but make up "how" we live. With apologies to the Tracy Awards and Kraft's "Cheddar Explosion" program for the demolition of Texas Stadium, the ultimate in ad creep may be a small, cheap booze campaign going on right now in South Dakota.


Your Snow Angel Will Not Be As Good As The One A Great Horned Owl Left After Scooping Its Prey From The Ontarian Tundra

A couple of Christmases ago, I was in upstate New York with family and friends and it snowed like two feet. We took my kid outside to play and we built a snow man and a snow fort. My in-laws' best friends are a couple named Roberta and Viki. Roberta is an art historian. Viki is a museum director. They both have strong opinions and they joined us outside, where Viki found a patch of deep powder and let herself fall backwards into it to make a snow angel. She did the jumping-jacks move like you're supposed to do and got up to admire her work. "There!" she said. [...]


Sarah Palin Book, TV Show, Not Sighted In Correctly

On Monday, I offered some obvious questions about how Sarah Palin's claims about her hunting experience did not appear to be reinforced by her actual hunting during the latest episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska." There's a picture and passage from her latest book, "America by Heart," that only raises more questions.


We Have Been Hunting Animals To Extinction For Forty Thousand Years, And We Will Keep Hunting Them To Extinction Until The Machines We Build Hunt Us To Extinction

"The findings seem to close the case against modern human hunters, although they remain to be confirmed at other sites throughout the continent. And, on every continent except Africa, human arrival and large animal extinctions seem to coincide, so the case may also extend globally. (The reason large animals did not vanish in Africa is perhaps because they co-evolved with us and learned to be wary of this stalking, hairless, upright ape.)" —There had been some question as to whether hunting or climate change killed off the megafauna that used to roam the earth before human beings showed up around 40,000 years ago. But a study of the fossilized [...]


Sarah Palin the TV Star Exposes Sarah Palin the Fake Hunter

Palin champions will hold up last night's "Sarah Palin's America" episode as proof of the candidate putting her money where her moose is. That is to say, after years of talking about being a hunter, Palin actually went out and shot something.

While much of the debate around the episode is an ethical one about a millionaire shooting a defenseless animal so as not to have to pay for meat, the real conversation should be about how the episode absolutely exposes Palin as a charade.