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Checking In With My Pile Of Rejected 'New Yorker' Cartoons

In 2012, in a rare moment of actual confidence, I mailed an envelope of cartoons to famous New Yorker cartoon editor Robert Mankoff (who, for the short number of weeks surrounding this event, I referred to, in my head, as Bob). I never heard back. Which, I mean, was not a surprise. I’d been doing a lot of drawing, almost entirely for the Internet, and almost entirely for free. The Internet can be a tricky thing; sometimes it feels like there are countless outlets and platforms for creative people, and other times, it all just feels a little pointless. Content is disposable, and whether or not you contribute to it, [...]


If You Can't Tell When David Sedaris Is "Inventing," It's Your Problem

It's once more into the breach with David Sedaris. “I don’t think David ever posed himself as a journalist,” said Torey Malatia, who heads Chicago Public Media, which produces “This American Life.” “He’s a storyteller, a humorist. The giveaway is when he’s wildly exaggerating. It’s art. It’s fiction.”

See? Quit your complaining. You're just supposed to know when he's lying and when he isn't. "It’s acknowledged that he’s making things up," says a visiting journalism professor in Las Vegas! See? It's just acknowledged. If you don't get "the giveaway," it's because you're not a coastal elite with a finely tuned ear for lies and not lies. Also [...]


A Brief History of Why Everyone Hates Carlos Mencia

Been Caught Joke Stealing, or, There Is More Than One Reason to Dislike Carlos Mencia.



Writing for Nonreaders in the Postprint Era: A Syllabus


The Opposite of Every Profile Ever Written

About me:

I did not just join Match. I have been here since Day 1, 1995. And since I do not contain multitudes—nor pretend to—I find it quite easy to describe myself in several paragraphs.

I don't love to share laughs, or to share anything, really. Smiling also brings me no pleasure, unless I’m making someone cry, preferably in public. I am not driven; I strive to do everything minus-110%. I don’t have a job and never have, but if I did, I’d hate it—just like I hate dogs and cats and horses and most other animals, including humans. I’ve never done a spontaneous thing in my life, [...]


Actually Funny Man Wins Humor Award

David Rakoff has won the Thurber Prize for American Humor, a stunning (and overdue) choice, in that no one has a sense of humor anymore. Have you read his lastest, Half Empty, in which he goes in hard against Rent and much much more? The dashing Mr. Rakoff is the second homosexualist to win the prize.


The Two Youngest 'New Yorker' Staff Cartoonists

Looking at the best work of Zach Kanin and Farley Katz, the youngest staff cartoonists in New Yorker history.


Would You Like To Hear Some Jokes About The Freud Museum.

Our website is currently down following a hacking attempt (presumably by Jungians).

— Freud Museum London (@FreudMusLondon) May 21, 2013

London's Freud Museum is in a… spot of bother.

@freudmuslondon @mrjohnofarrell Not "hacked" but "penetrated".

— Ms Slide (@sliderulesyou) May 21, 2013

@freudmuslondon Melanie Klein's distributed denial of "difficult conversations" attack?

— Alex (@blangry) May 21, 2013

@freudmuslondon from the error code, looks more like "His host has become ‘uncanny’ to him" to me…. (hope you're back up & running soon)

— Danny Birchall (@dannybirchall) May 21, 2013

@freudmuslondon You know what else is down? The subconscious. [...]


Now Computers Are Writing Lousy Jokes Like They Work For Jay Leno Or Something

Christmas crackers—traditional British holiday mini-pinatas that, when pulled apart, frequently contain tiny, crappy toys and a terrible joke (older American readers might recall the Dixie cups of their youth for comparative purposes)—just got a little easier to make… THANKS TO THE MACHINES.


This Day In History: June 19, 1909

From the Penny Illustrated Paper, deep in the bowels of the British Library, comes this 100-year-old nugget about the relations between the classes.