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The-Dream, "Black"

Last night The-Dream tweeted out a link to this video? Which he put on YouTube, as his first video, on some random account? With just the text "Classism is the New Racism…"??? It's a crazily political song for him; also he's been kind of MIA off and on for the last year, though back in March he said "At work it's a very personal album that is coming to Fruition!" Also there's the whole wanted by the NYPD thing this week. (via)


Henry Blodget Has A Body Count

Recently a man wrote on his blog about how he feels anxious about the presence of bathroom attendants while he is trying to pee. The man was Henry Blodget, and the restaurant was SoHo's Balthazar. Now the owner of Balthazar has fired his bathroom attendants.

Goodbye forever, Balthazar!

Photo of a delicious Balthazar meal by "Ed G."


"Nobody racially profiles." —Mike Bloomberg

"There is this business, there's one newspaper and one news service, they just keep saying, 'Oh it's a disproportionate percentage of a particular ethnic group. That may be, but it's not a disproportionate percentage of those who witnesses and victims describe as committing the murder. In that case, incidentally, I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little." —This is in response to the City Council not doing his bidding this week. So yes. Mike Bloomberg is OUT OF HIS MIND.


Maria Thun, 1922-2012

"Planting the vegetables when the moon was in different constellations, she discovered, resulted in their growing into different forms and sizes. Over years of research she concluded that root crops (including onions and leeks, which are not technically root crops) do best if sown when the moon is passing through constellations associated with the earth element; leafy crops do best when the moon is associated with water signs; flowering plants do best associated with air signs, and fruits did better with fire signs." —German gardener Maria Thun, who put the "biodynamics" theory of cosmic, occultist philosopher Rudolph Steiner to test in her garden and wrote a popular [...]


America's Tent Cities

"All over the country, in the last few years, police have moved in on the tent cities of the homeless, one by one, from Seattle to Wooster, Sacramento to Providence, in raids that often leave the former occupants without even their minimal possessions. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, last summer, a charity outreach worker explained the forcible dispersion of a local tent city by saying, 'The city will not tolerate a tent city. That’s been made very clear to us. The camps have to be out of sight.'" —"Homelessness is not a side issue unconnected to plutocracy and greed." Although don't remind Jersey gov Chris Christie about his plans [...]


"House of Holes": Mini-Excerpt #1

"May I ask who you are?" she asked politely.

The hands stopped. "I am Alexander Borodin, the very famous Russian composer," said the voice.

Luna looked back at Chuck, who had begun playing with her hair. "But Alex," she said, "didn't you write the Polovetsian Dances something like a hundred and twenty, hundred and thirty years ago?"

"Yes, but I'm here now to play your leg like the keys of a piano keyboard," he said.

Chuck kissed her forehead. "Just enjoy it."

"Okay, carry on," Luna said.

Nicholson Baker's House of Holes will be released on August 9th. It's… like this.


Do You Think Guy Ritchie Regrets His Adult Circumcision?

Madonna's done a lot in this world but one of the most radical changes she's made is to the character of her former husband: she “keeps a kosher home, she observes Shabbat, she circumcised her son and had her [ex-] husband circumcised," reports one of her sort of spiritual advisers. That is one of those things that, after a divorce, you probably look back upon with a wide range of emotions.


Janet Malcolm v. Francine Prose

A reader writes: "what is the long game here????" He refers to this letter, in the New York Review of Books, from Janet Malcolm, to Francine Prose, regarding Rebecca West's views on Charlotte Brontë. (You got that? ARE YOU SURE.) Malcolm criticizes Rebecca West's views on Brontë, but finishes: "Prose’s condescending words about Nora Ephron’s brilliant elliptical essays are similarly puzzling."

How did this come to pass? To what end was this written? Was this an impulsive blog comment of a letter? I too would be moved to defend Nora Ephron, but perhaps not to the extent of dashing off a letter. Or was this a tip [...]


What To Google To Get The Government To Show Up At Your House

He travels to Asia for work. She looks up pressure cookers online. And God only knows what the 20-year-old boy in the house Googles. That combination, apparently, is how you get a "joint terrorism task force" to show up at your door on Long Island:

"Meanwhile, they were peppering my husband with questions. Where is he from? Where are his parents from? They asked about me, where was I, where do I work, where do my parents live. Do you have any bombs, they asked. Do you own a pressure cooker? My husband said no, but we have a rice cooker. Can you make a bomb with that? [...]


Tech Journalists' Worst Nightmare Not Actually "Talking To Girls"

When I saw the headline "Every Tech Journalist's Worst Nightmare" at least three different things jumped immediately to mind, but none of them were this.


Flight Attendant Bombs at Trying to Call in Sick at Work

“'The bomb on board will explode at 16.00 GMT unless our demands are met' was reportedly written mid flight from Tokyo to London"… and a 22-year-old flight attendant has been arrested for the crime.


'Saturday Night Live' Is Funny (!!!)

If you don't watch "Saturday Night Live," as I don't, except when something really special happens, such as Anna Faris hosting, you might not know that it's kind of gotten delightfully weird again! That's exciting! This is a premise that could have gone so wrong and totally didn't. (Here's more from Saturday.)


Local Man is Irritated: In Defense of Tallahassee

“No person or entity maintaining, owning, or operating an establishment dealing in alcoholic beverages shall encourage, allow or permit any person to appear nude or to expose to public view his or her genitals, pubic area, vulva, anus, or any portion of the buttocks or simulation thereof. This section shall be violated if any portion of the buttocks is visible from any vantage point.” —Here is an extremely ardent and serious defense of Tallahassee, which has no strip clubs.


Juicing with Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch

In the latest installment of the Internet's only cooking and book chat show, Emily Gould chats with Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch, who have written a very unusual book, Ten Walks/Two Talks. (The organizing principle: "Sixty mornings of sixty-minute walks in Manhattan, documented in 60-sentence essays. 30 days of 45-minute public conversations, transcribed, also in New York.") They have gone on with dialogue-based work in Conversations Over Stolen Food. (Spoiler: the food was stolen.)

Cooking the Books is directed by Valerie Temple and shot and edited by Andrew Gauthier. You can see all the Cooking the Books episodes here [...]


Trees Are Destroying New York City

When will New York City win its war against leaves? The B and the Q trains are still enjoying a late fall issue, according to the MTA: "Fallen leaves, when crushed by train wheels, leave a slippery residue on the rails which may affect the train's ability to start and stop." What is this mysterious "residue"? Why do we allow trees to attack our important infrastructure? Let's finish this once and for all. Kill the trees, save the subways.


Do You Believe That God Created The Bunnies And The Clouds And The Skeletons With A Touch Of His Finger?

Brooklyn resident and Yahoo columnist Virginia Heffernan made a… confession of sorts today? Basically, she believes in God-ey Claus: "In New York City saying you’re a Creationist is like confessing you think Ahmedinejad has a couple of good points. Maybe I’m the only Creationist I know.This is how I came to it. Like many people, I heard no end of Bible stories as a kid, but in the 1970s in New England they always came with the caveat that they were metaphors. So I read the metaphors of Genesis and Exodus and was amused and bugged and uplifted and moved by them. And then I guess I wanted to know [...]


Please, Please Do Litigate "Voter Fraud" Investigations in Your Paper

Probing the election fraud gospel according to True the Vote, in today's NYT. Good read:

— Sam Sifton (@SamSifton) September 17, 2012

And from the Times public editor this weekend:

The national editor, Sam Sifton, rejected the argument. “There’s a lot of reasonable disagreement on both sides,” he said. One side says there’s not significant voter fraud; the other side says there’s not significant voter suppression. “It’s not our job to litigate it in the paper,” Mr. Sifton said. “We need to state what each side says.”

Reading the very good voter fraud story, which hews closely to facts, instead of "teaching [...]


Twitter Ramblings Verified

While Obama feeling courageous, why not follow his first class education policy. US' absolute biggest crisis. No read, no write, no jobs.

— Rupert Murdoch(@rupertmurdoch) January 3, 2012

So, well… this is not a parody account. Who would have guessed?


Yale Alumni News & Notes From Alllllll Over

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"I believe this is a first for Yale." White supremacist '73 alum brags in class notes… Jul 29 18:24:53 via Tweetie for MacBen Smithbenpolitico

"Sam Taylor sent this intriguing note: 'Did you know one of your classmates is officially considered a hate-monger by the Southern Poverty Law Center?'" Oh Yale alumni news!


Who are the Three bin Laden Wives?

It's hard to keep track of bin Laden's wives, so we're in need of a womens' magazine to get with them all and ask them about their taste in shoes. Let's see!

Najwa Ghanem left him after 9/11, after giving birth to 11 of his 20 children; then came Khadijah Sharif, who was smart and older, and she dumped him in the 90s (yes, you read that timeline right—the marriages were willy-nilly); and then Khairiah Sabar, who may be dead; and Siham Sabar is also out of sight or missing; and there's Amal al-Sadah (or Amal Ahmed Abdullfattah) the fifth wife, who's Yemeni, and still just 27, and [...]