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Susan Rice, Condi Rice … How Can Important People Have the Same Last Names?

For many Americans who thought it was okay to stop "following the political news" for at least a few weeks after the election, the controversy over "Susan Rice" has been very confusing. Didn't we just have a lady named "Secretary of State Rice," as secretary of state? Then what's the big deal? That particular glass ceiling is shattered, right? Why does John McCain keep trying to turn back the clock, to when he was young?

Throughout modern history, the popular consciousness has been regularly baffled and confused by stars who share the same surname. The 1990s, for example, are perhaps best remembered as a time of great confusion for [...]


When Life Hands You Toxic Chemicals, Make Toxic Chemicalsade

"Chemicals are everywhere in the modern world and some of them can be very dangerous. Today's decision is an important step toward better protecting our health and the environment." —EU environment commissioner Janez Potocnik on the decision to ban the use of plastic-softening phthalates "DEHP, BBP and DBP, the fragrance Musk Xylene, flame-retardant HBCDD, or the epoxy resin-hardener MDA." Typical European cowardice. Here in the U.S., we let evolution take its course to develop a genetic mutation that reduces susceptibility to PCBs and dioxins, like in the Atlantic tomcod that thrive in the toxic pollution of the Hudson River.