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On "Dawson," on "Dexter," on "Damages": The Artists and Art of TV Shows

A couple months ago I was watching an episode of the second season of "Dawson’s Creek" when I saw an intriguing painting, "Winter’s Mist," by an artist called "Jarvis." "Winter’s Mist" looked vaguely familiar and the artist’s name was something I might’ve heard in college. Here is what the on-TV college lecturer had to say about it:

I’d like to close with this piece, "Winter Mist." It’s Jarvis’ most famous work. No one can deny after looking at this exquisitely tuned surface, the juxtaposition of color and shape, the intensity of his lines, that Jarvis was in complete control of his new technique. Sadly, three weeks after Jarvis completed [...]


House Looks Like Hitler

Here you will find a house that resembles Adolf Hitler. [Previously in "things that look like Adolf Hitler"]


House That Looks Like Hitler: The Story Behind The Story

The Wales domicile that bears an apparent resemblance to the 20th century's most genocidal tyrant has taken the Internet by storm, reports the Sun. But who noticed the similarities in the first place? Step forward youth worker Charli Dickenson, 22: "I walk past the house all the time – but I'd never noticed the Hitler likeness before. But then, at the weekend, I was in the car with my boyfriend and we were stuck in traffic – and I just said to him: 'That house looks like Hitler'. We both laughed about it. I took a picture and posted it on Twitter." And thus a legend was [...]