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Sriracha, Why Is It?

This is mostly an experiment on my part to see if the Internet's devotion to Sriracha is so strong that it will click through on pretty much anything about the beloved "hipster ketchup," but you may as well watch this video anyway, it is a decent primer on chile pepper heat. My personal addiction remains Huy Fong's chili garlic sauce, but as far as sweet and spicy stuff you squeeze out of a bottle I cannot really argue with the Sriracha, and theirs is the best of its kind.


Roseanne's Homemade Hot Sauce: Do You Think It's Great?

"She would set up a booth and sell her homemade hot sauce at the local farmers’ market, which shuts down the street on Thursday afternoons." —I keep forgetting to ask if you've read this story on Roseanne and, among other things, her time living in El Segundo, which, if you are not a citizen of Southern California, you would not know it is a sleepy and weird little suburban neighborhood nestled just in the armpit of LAX! (And is wedged between a giant oil refinery.) But: HOMEMADE HOT SAUCE. What do you think it's like??? I am so intrigued.