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Bitcoins Mined With Boiling Goo In Secret Hong Kong Facility, Or Something

"The secret Hong Kong facility that uses boiling goo to mine Bitcoins" is the headline. I am not sure what the story is, because the headline alone makes it clear that we now live in a world which I can no longer understand on even the most rudimentary level, so it is time for me to amble off into the fading winter sunlight. Goodbye!


The Way We Burn Paper Effigies Of Trendy Consumer Goods As Offerings To The Dead Now

"'Sometimes their stories are heart-wrenching and sometimes I'm numb to them. I try not to pry,' says Au Yeung. 'Making paper effigies of trend items makes death seem less frightening.' His most popular requests are for cameras, video games and brand-name handbags — the things that Hong Kong kids desire while living." -This story about Au Yeung Ping Chi, who crafts effigies "burned at gravesites in order to 'deliver' them to the underworld where the dearly departed can receive them," for those who have died young, is perplexing, because I'm not sure which definition of the word "tragic" applies. Probably all of them.


View Vertiginous

This picture is pretty amazing, plus you don't see the word "vertiginous" used enough these days.


Bloomberg in Hong Kong

There's a funny little profile of New York City's mayor in the February Esquire, though it's not online. So, in it, Mike Bloomberg goes to Hong Kong, and he takes along Jon Liu, the comptroller, and Esquire is all like, why did he invite you, and Jon Liu's all, "I'm sure he has his reasons." Heh. So over there what they do is, the transit system owns rights to land around the train station, so they build malls around the stations, in conjunction with private developers, and this pays for a good chunk of the excellent transit system. And of course Bloomberg loves this. "In America, the ultimate [...]