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"Porn Star" Colby Keller Gives Away His Instagram; Fans Concerned, Amused, Deflated

Indie porn star Colby Keller is apparently working out some life/art scheme to give up everything—in fact he's given away everything he owned, for free. And, at last evicted by his terrible landlord, he's moving out of Baltimore after nine years. He hasn't made clear where he's going, but somewhere west of Baltimore.

Tomorrow marks the end of #piecesof8 and my final disposal of worldly possessions here in Liberty, Tennessee!

— Colby Keller (@colbykeller) May 31, 2014

One thing he's given away is his Instagram account. Overnight, suddenly, the account became the property of his friend Dena. Reaction was mixed! Mad, amused, intrigued, welcoming, [...]


Subway Loses Battle

#car #drivers into #Q #train #brooklyn #gm

— SHOWED (@BKSHOSHANNAH) March 19, 2014

@VaTxn guess Not

— SHOWED (@BKSHOSHANNAH) March 19, 2014

Is this real? It seems so. (via)


The Way Middle-Aged White Men Work Now


Before he goes to sleep, between 11 and midnight, Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director, typically checks in by e-mail with the same reporter: Mike Allen of Politico, who is also the first reporter Pfeiffer corresponds with after he wakes up at 4:20. A hyperactive former Eagle Scout, Allen will have been up for hours, if he ever went to bed. Whether or not he did is one of the many little mysteries that surround him. The abiding certainty about Allen is that sometime between 5:30 and 8:30 a.m., seven days a week, he hits “send” on a mass e-mail newsletter that some of America’s most influential [...]


Two Actually Great Writing Tips From Sebastian Junger

There's at least two really great pieces of writing advice from Sebastian Junger in this annotation/interview of "The Storm."

• "You know, I spent a lot of time with American soldiers, and the standard news reporting — if you’re talking to a soldier and quoting him — is to say where he’s from and whether he likes the Red Sox. People just don’t give a shit. I really try to avoid the details that seem kind of perfunctory, not necessary, and ultimately not that interesting."

• "I try to edit my work in different states of mind. So I’ll go running on a really hot day and then [...]


Which Conservative Hooligans Did You Passive-Aggressively Confront This Weekend?

No seriously, which demons did you confront via social media this weekend? Meghan McCain, for one, was busy. My only beef here, I guess, is that when you want to get into it with someone, you actually have to call them. The whole "call me" thing just doesn't work. (via)


Emmys Stunner! "Revenge" Gets Shut Out!

They announced the Emmy nominations this morning and the nation's best television show, "Revenge," was not named once. (Other good things happened! Like the hottie who plays John Watson in the new "Sherlock" got nominated! And Lady Mary! And lots of "Girls"! And some usual suspects. (Oh, Alec Baldwin.) And "Downton Abbey" got a Best Hairstyling nod, which, appropriate! But how can liberal Hollywood spurn "Revenge"??? And how on earth did HBO get "Hemingway and Gellhorn" nominated repeatedly? GELLHOOORRNNNN!


The Strand Union Negotiations

Here is The Strand bookstore's union negotiation process expressed in comic panel form. Five days ago, The Strand's union declined the management's latest contract offer. The bookstore has about 140 union employees (somehow).


Do You Know Where Your Teens Are? (They're Swarming John Green)

Wow. Thank you for being awesome Cleveland!

— John Green (@realjohngreen) May 8, 2014

Your teens are following kindly, funny, sensitive and young-ish father-of-two YA author John Green like he was The Beatles, Madonna, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Justin Bieber all in one. Currently occupying four of the top seven slots on the Times Young Adult Best Sellers list (and the cover of the latest EW), the John Green situation is totally and completely out of control as he goes about doing pre-promotion for the Fault in our Stars film. One reason it's wacky is because the John Greeniverse has no vampires, no witches, [...]


Spoilers for the New Season of "House of Cards"

- Frank dies.


New York v. London

This interview with Alfonso Cuarón is so great: "There’s more a sense of a fun intellectual community in New York. Here [in London] it is not. This is a city supported and made by the banks. And also, British upper classes are very philistine, while in the U.S. you can have an upper class that is cultivated, not necessarily good or bad, so that they support the arts. And because of that, with all the flaws of the U.S., something it keeps that is great is the sense of possibility. Look, I can be critical about a lot of stuff around U.S. politics and stuff, and something I [...]


Steven Soderbergh Bypasses Medium To Publish Novella On Twitter


— Bitchuation (@Bitchuation) April 29, 2013

well, if she confesses and he kills her, great. the question is will she kill him first? BEAT

— Bitchuation (@Bitchuation) April 29, 2013

no, but i can–i can–yes, we can–BEAT (off, left) sherrill, can you–get gary maloney

— Bitchuation (@Bitchuation) April 29, 2013


— Bitchuation (@Bitchuation) April 29, 2013

So this is happening.


Do You Want to Smell Like "Red Hook"?

Meet Brooklyn Grooming, "the borough’s premiere small-batch, hand-made, all-natural, organic, artisanal, very Brooklyn men’s (and women’s) grooming line."


Magazine Writer Has Lots of Money

"My financial records revealed that I have way too much money in my checking account." —Former terrible New Republic blogger and current New York and GQ contributor Jason Zengerle gets VP-vetted as a GQ stunt and the facts that emerge (okay, just that one fact) may surprise you. Also I guess he is prepared for the IRS to come at him over that whole "paying undocumented workers" and "not reporting income paid to household help" thing? Guess he won't have trouble with the small fines.

[UPDATE: This is a dick post. It was supposed to be mildly amusing and to convey mostly friendly teasing, and instead it [...]


"There Isn’t Anything Inherently Unfeminine About Science Fiction"

In 1962, when “A Wrinkle in Time,” after 26 rejections, was acquired by John Farrar at Farrar, Straus & Giroux, science fiction by women and aimed at female readers was a rarity. The genre was thought to be down-market and not up to the standards of children’s literature — the stuff of pulp and comic books for errant schoolboys. Even today, girls and grown women are not generally fans. Half of 18- to 24-year-old men say that science fiction is their favorite type of book, compared with only one-fourth of young women…. “A Wrinkle in Time,” the first in a trilogy that was later extended to include two [...]


Guess Who's Back?

Stand Up to Legalized Corruption – protest the #McCutcheon Supreme Court ruling! @RuleByUs

— Occupy Wall Street (@OccupyWallStNYC) April 3, 2014

Guess who's back? Like normcore and coconut water, Occupy Wall Street won't go away, picking up speed with a series of events tomorrow.

Feeling ambitious? March on the airports in the morning with organizing airport workers! (Now that we can get behind.)

Feeling rambunctious? 7 p.m. is a people's assembly at, yes, Zuccotti Park, AKA Liberty Plaza. (That'll end with an 11 p.m. "wildcat march" up to Union Square, which, pass.)

And there's much much more, [...]


How Much Money Does 'New York' Magazine Make?

If I worked at New York magazine, I'd spend the day cross-referencing people hair-rending on Twitter about the magazine going biweekly with the subscriber list. Just saying.

Looking at the MPA data for New York magazine gives one small side of the story. Sampling Q1 and Q3 data since 2006, actual reported print revenue doesn't change that radically, at least since the Great Downturn or whatever we're calling it.

But total ad pages per quarter does change.

What's interesting is that the magazine, like, you know, lots of magazines, makes lots of money. According to the Times, going biweekly "will yield about $3.5 million in savings." [...]


The Long Scary Withered Arm Of Justice Won't Be "'Friended' On The Network"

Always instructive to find where you might agree with people with whom you disagree, and here's that big Antonin Scalia interview which appears now for no reason:

"I’m nervous about our civic culture. I’m not sure the Internet is largely the cause of it. It’s certainly the cause of careless writing. People who get used to blurbing things on the Internet are never going to be good writers. And some things I don’t understand about it. For example, I don’t know why anyone would like to be 'friended' on the network. I mean, what kind of a narcissistic society is it that ­people want to put out there, [...]


Still America Then? Okay Good

"Travel in and of itself is not derogatory information." —That's your chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, talking about why Tamerlan Tsarnaev didn't get interviewed again after his trip to Russia. (He either was or was not one of the 745,000 people listed in the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment.)


Jennifer Egan, Saboteur?

Jennifer Egan's "recent sci-fi excursions expose her not as a writer resigned to the waning importance of literature, but as a literary 'luddite' willing to take things to the next level, to begin a sabotage." —I'm not buying all of this but I like this as an idea.


Is "Prometheus" a Big Gorgeous Bag of Hot Foolish Space Garbage?

I've been quietly going back and forth on Prometheus—I love it! I hate it!—but this rather brutal evisceration of its plot is fairly convincing. Even though I'm okay with some things being "unknown" or "not entirely making sense…" some things are Not Okay. I will say it all becomes more convincing when you see it in Imax on a monster screen. Because you're like, wow, so gorgeous! What a cast! So stunning! So loud! Except, you could probably say that about Triumph of the Will. I bet that would be amazing in 3D too. (via.)