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Higgs Boson and the Great Scam of Modern Physics

Heh! "Physics would appear to have gotten away with it: a decades-long campaign of hype, propaganda, and outright deception that saw a ragtag bunch of social misfits swindle the world out of billions of dollars, monies which as of this writing have not been returned. What follows is the story, if not of an outright hoax, then at least of the most audacious and effective PR campaign in the history of science." Mmm, remember a little while ago when all we could talk about was Higgs Boson? Well, good for you, you helped some custodians maintain a bazillion-dollar tunnel. What's that you say? Science is great and amazing? [...]


Higgs and the Certainty of Physicists

The room is 100 percent physicists, 75 percent of them are likely to be under age forty, under 10 percent of them are likely to be female. They're all unusually quiet, no scrooching, no whispers, motionless.

On two screens is the broadcast from CERN, the physics institute in Switzerland, of a scientific talk. Invisible in the air is the theory called the Standard Model, or at least one of its articles of faith, which you can read like it's liturgy: the first fundamental particles in the universe had no mass; but as the universe cooled, it changed, and during this change a force called the Higgs field condensed [...]


Is The God Particle Already Dead?

“The trouble is that this signature is not unique, at least not given the amount of data that CERN has so far collected. We show that current LHC data already strongly disfavor both the dilatonic and non-dilatonic singlet imposters. On the other hand, a generic Higgs doublet and a triplet imposter give equally good fits to the measured event rates of the newly observed scalar resonance.” —A team of scientists at MIT have published a report questioning the validity of last week's announcement that scientists at the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Geneva had finally identified the elusive Higgs Boson particle. This comes as little surprise to [...]


Kanye West and Pusha T, "New God Flow"

Exquisitely timed to coincide with yesterday's announcement that scientists at the Cern Large Hadron Collider in Geneva had finally identified the elusive subatomic Higgs Boson particle—which is thought to be the key to differentiating matter from non-matter, and so therefore responsible for everything in the universe—Kanye West and Pusha T released a fittingly amazing new record called "New God Flow." It samples a snippet from Ghostface Killah's 2001 "Mighty Healthy," on which Ghost re-interpolates a rhyme Sir Ibu rapped on "Divine Force's" 1987 nugget "Holy War." Coming on the heels of Pusha T's recent and bone-chilling Drake diss, "Exodus 23:1," it definitely evidences Kanye's [...]