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Entire "CSI" Franchise Validated

"Travelling can be enriching and inspiring, especially if you’re in a place you haven’t been before. Whether on vacation or travelling for business, one of the first things that people usually do, including myself, after arriving in their hotel room, is turn on the lights (even if daylight is still coming through the windows), jump on the bed to feel how comfortable it is, walk to the window, and admire the view. If you like what you see, sometimes you grab your camera and take a picture, regardless of reflections in the window."


Our lives with the "stupid masses of people out there that are on that fuckin’ social media"

In a new interview over at Wag's Revue, Sandra Bernhard discusses The Terrible Stupid Horrible Way We Internet Now.

Honestly, because of the Internet, because of people’s stupidity, because of people’s either fake political correctness, or the right-wing fake concern about people using language that they would use in their bedroom (but in a derogatory destructive way), it’s not even worth saying certain things anymore because you just don’t want it taken out of context, and you don’t wanna defend it because the minute you have to start defending it, that means you’re explaining your work, and the work that I do can’t be explained, and I don’t wanna [...]


Al Goldstein, 1936 – 2013

Brooklyn's Al Goldstein had one of those captivating personalities that it's easy to not recognize is actually the presentation of mental illness until it all collapses and the interior self is revealed. An incredibly intelligent and hilarious man crippled by self-hatred, an inside-out Woody Allen, a lecherous troll from out of the Qumran caves, mid-life Al Goldstein washed up like a whale onto New York's public access channels. There he talked endlessly, lecherously and also quite hilariously, documenting New York City in a way that no one else did.

For a man who worked in the industry of hardcore pornography, Al Goldstein apparently only ever spent six days [...]


What Do You Do When The Shooting Starts?

I showed up just after the shooting started. I was maybe five minutes behind the gunman at Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday. I was on my way to Vegas for an early birthday celebration for my brother when, according to the authorities, a 23-year-old named Paul Anthony Ciancia decided to work out a lunatic grudge against the Transportation Security Administration with an assault rifle. One TSA employee, Gerardo Hernandez, was killed, and at least three other people were wounded.

LAX is old news already. It was lost in the weekend cycle, even before a man in a motorcycle helmet opened fire at the Garden State [...]


Every Drink Could Be Your Last

"After being stabbed in a brawl outside a Capitol Hill bar early this morning, a 21-year-old went back for another drink before heading to a medical facility."


Bodies, Commerce, Complicity: Porn Star Dale Cooper

I can’t remember just how I stumbled across Dale Cooper, but I doubt it was while googling a French verb or cheap flights. But beyond the naked pictures, an interesting character began to reveal itself. Here was a Tumblr photo of Cooper and his friend and fellow performer Colby Keller, wearing nerdy glasses, checkered aprons and carrying a tray of cupcakes. There a porn-site profile, professing he likes the Times crossword and crackers. On the Huffington Post, he wrote a series of columns dealing with subjects ranging from gay suicide to the sociological implications of digital closeness on Grindr. On finding his blog, I finally had to abandon [...]


Elizabeth Warren on How Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton Sold Us Out

Jeffrey Toobin's profile of Elizabeth Warren is subscriber-only in the New Yorker, but that's the tip of the iceberg. The woman does not, it's safe to say, care to politic. Very wonderful.


The Lone Protester At The Pulitzer Announcement

Cliff Kincaid, President of America's Survival Inc., outside the Columbia School of Journalism following the announcement of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winners. Kincaid peppered outgoing Pulitzer administrator Sig Gissler during the question period over the awarding of The Guardian and The Washington Post in the Public Service category, for their revelation of widespread secret surveillance by the National Security Agency involving leaked documents by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. "It was really sad. It was a disgraceful day for journalism," said Kincaid.

Pulitzer Prize Administrator Sig Gissler answering questions following the announcement of the 2014 winners. Concluding a barrage of questions regarding the awarding of The Guardian and [...]


"Essential Transgression": New Fiction Writers In Afghanistan

The Gifts of the State and Other Stories: New Writing from Afghanistan is available by any means in which you might prefer to receive books.

From the publisher

McNally Jackson

Amazon and Kindle


Adam Klein has the kind of life that many of us, chained to our desks, might envy. A wanderer and frequent expatriate, he has lived and taught in places as disparate as Bangladesh, India, Beirut and Kabul. He is the singer and co-songwriter for San Francisco-based band The Size Queens, as well as the author of the Lambda Book Award-nominated short story collection The Medicine [...]


The Facts About The Doritos® Locos Taco—And About An American Hero

With any luck, when the origin myth of the Doritos® Locos Taco is whispered to schoolchildren generations from now, they will know the name Todd Mills. He was an Air Force vet, a former Bill Clinton escort (y’know, the good kind), a father of two, and one among possibly thousands of Americans who dreamed drooly dreams about the marriage between two American icons of chemical gastronomy.

The only difference is that Mills—who passed away on Thanksgiving morning at age 41—did something about it. In recent days, he's been hailed as a dreamer and a crusader—but what you've heard is only half the story.

The saga starts four [...]


Scary Robot Is Subway Halloween Hero

He wouldn't take the tinfoil-clad bucket off his head, so we don't know who this hero is who got off the F train last night at Bergen Street. But we caught a glimpse of him as he got fairly mangled in the subway turnstile exit, and so if you see a bald-ish English-ish man with a ton of brutal costume-related cuts on his hands today, buy him lunch, for he is a hero of Halloween.


Inside The "Riot Grrrl" Archives

An early issue of Girl Germs, one of the zines archived in the Riot Grrrl Collection at NYU’s Fales Library, is made of ten sheets of standard-size office paper stacked on top of each other, folded lengthwise, and stapled twice down the spine. With the fold on the left, so the surface is taller than it is wide, the sheets become a half-size book of 38 pages and two covers. When the master copy was made in the early 1990s, its pages were hand-pasted with illustrations, essays, and letters either torn from notebooks or cut to size, then photocopied into a small print run by Molly Neuman and Allison [...]


Goodbye To America's Last Expert

Whether godless or godly, we all consult a private pantheon of authorities, living or dead, to gauge our comportment. We read ethics columns on subway trains and in cafes for vicarious solutions to our secret troubles. Since the days of Dear Abby and Ann Landers, the availability of emotional and behavioral self-help information has grown exponentially. In the digital age, now adrift in a wide, shallow sea of media outlets, wondering where to turn for advice only increases our anxiety. Cable TV and the Internet have left us splintered and atomized; they've negated the comforting clarity of our few favorite go-to gurus.

One such erstwhile guru has just left us [...]


The Hero of the Iowa Caucuses

If you were watching C-SPAN last night for the Iowa caucuses, as you should have been, but likely were not, you missed a very brief appearance by an American hero. I can't yet find video of it, and it seems it was only noted by a friend and by one lone Livejournaler, but in essence, some punky-looking kiddo got the microphone at a caucus meeting and made a plea for Newt Gingrich: "Even though he has been married three times, he is a strong defender of marriage. He still stays in touch with most of his kids." Ha! Then he got booed loudly by the caucus and stormed [...]


The "Liquid Sky" Sequel Is Coming: A Chat With The Director Of The Best Film About New York

A terrific update to this interview: After publication, director Slava Tsukerman clarified that, in Liquid Sky 2, the brilliant Anne Carlisle will return in the role of Margaret.

Liquid Sky is one of the most visually ambitious films ever made about fashion, heroin, New Wave clubs, UFO saucers, ordering Chinese food and having them put it on your tab, the Empire State Building, androgyny, neon and tin foil. The 1982 cult classic may be the perfect embodiment of camp. Unlike contemporary low-budget cinema, which prizes an aesthetic of apathy, Liquid Sky makes its efforts visible. Judgmental fashion reporters cackle straight into the camera. Catwalk scenes take place [...]


Michael Grimm For Mayor

Michael Grimm, the former Marine and FBI agent who 1. spent an infamous 17 minutes in a bar bathroom in Bay Ridge, 2. does real estate business with a crook, 3. worked at a customer-gouging Wall Street outfit, 4. ran a restaurant that refused to pay workman's comp and was accused of not paying minimum wage, 5. was investigated by the FBI for fundraising with a dodgy Israeli mystic, 6. once allegedly held a club full of people hostage while waving around a gun (he claims it was in the line of duty, and was never charged), and 7. claims he never told said night club [...]


Football Coach Takes Bold Stand Against Bullying

"Not allowing myself to be bullied by the vocal minority is… the war I want to win," says an Oregon football coach who refused to relent when the forces of oppression tried to prevent him from taking his middle school charges to a local Hooters for an awards dinner.


NY1's Roger Clark Is New York City's Last Hero

People are always saying things on the Internet all the time. But they are such teases. We like details. So we have to ask.

Thanks for the interview @jakedobkin @gothamist – sorry about my sweating a lot – @jenchung @jenist @johndelsignore @nellcasey

— Roger Clark (@RogerClark41) October 22, 2013

So I just got back to NY1 from @Gothamist headquarters and turns out my polo shirt was inside out the whole time. Yikes!

— Roger Clark (@RogerClark41) October 22, 2013

Roger! So what happened here?

I was assigned to do a story on the Banksy phenomenon. I had [...]


And How Was Your Summer, Amy Sedaris?

What has Amy Sedaris been up to lately? We sent her a bunch of annoying questions to find out!

Mark Allen: I loved your books, I Like You and Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People. You've helped me rediscover googly eyes, politically incorrect ethnic food, elderly party advice, drunk guest tips and star wands. Is there a third book in the works?

Amy Sedaris: There isn't a third book in the works, but there is a fourth book. I've learned a lot since I Like You and Simple Times. I need a new grieving chapter with a few ceremony recipes. Also, I need a chapter on dental care [...]


Top Ten American Hero Barbara Johnson Goes To Her Next Big Reward

Out of nowhere, or Monaco, comes the sad news that Barbara Piasecka Johnson, who was the maid to and then third wife of J. Seward Johnson I (born 1895!), has now died, far too young at the age of 76.

Ms. Johnson was busy until late out-surviving the six children of her husband from his first two marriages. Upon his death, in 1983, the Johnson and Johnson heir left all his money—$402,824,971.59—to her instead of them. They sued; the courts gave them 12% of their dad's inheritance (they all had trust funds anyway! It was just spite!) and everyone moved on happily ever after, rich as fourteen Bush [...]