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Henry Blodget Has A Body Count

Recently a man wrote on his blog about how he feels anxious about the presence of bathroom attendants while he is trying to pee. The man was Henry Blodget, and the restaurant was SoHo's Balthazar. Now the owner of Balthazar has fired his bathroom attendants.

Goodbye forever, Balthazar!

Photo of a delicious Balthazar meal by "Ed G."


Internet Destroying Itself Over Julian Assange

The Internet is in full froth over the Julian Assange arrest. You pretty much don't want to hear it from either side! For instance, a man weighs in! To him, the charges against Julian Assange "have always seemed, if not false, lame." False or lame, either way! But then do you want to hear about how women should be judged by the company they keep—from the left? Or watch Naomi Wolf trying on sarcasm? Probably none of that either! Also Tumblr is back online, so there's a lot of serious lady-fighting. :( It's a nightmare out there, maybe read a book until this all blows over.


Henry Blodget Isn't Making Working for Him Any More Attractive

What do you do after you've fired blogger John Carney as managing editor of Clusterstock on grounds of lack of cheap sensationalism? Why not have a snippy little girl-spat with Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon! Go Henry Blodget, go! Show the tweens how it's done.

Also, you know what? The Internet: Let's Get Rid Of It.


Online Journalism "A Bad Business So Far," Say Slideshow Manufacturers

One useful thing that Business Insider honcho Henry Blodget has done is make somewhat public "how much websites make." The answers may surprise you, and here, in his profile of Blodget (subscription-only; you should subscribe!), Ken Auletta does a rather amazing drive-by round-up of Business Insider, Huffington Post and Gawker Media.


There Are Jobs, If You Want Them

Henry Blodget is hiring a new media reporter who is totally out to jack the strat and work the tweets and pitch a tent for the demo! No lame echoes of magazine writing! No preaching! Must own Internet! Enquire within!


Henry Blodget Can't Quite Afford Investigative Journalism Either

Henry Blodget is learning some hard truths (again)! This morning he's gone all up on the Twitter, to explain, on behalf of his publication, Business Insider, that investigative reporting is time-consuming and expensive! (Did you know that?) "All right, look, here's the truth about this investigative reporting thing…" he wrote. "Everyone says they want more of it. No more aggregation, please. No more links. No more slideshows. No more picture [sic] of Erin Burnett." He is talking about Nick Carlson's new story on the origin of Facebook, but he simply can't give these kinds of stories to you all the time! "But the truth is, if we tried [...]


I Want To Know What's Wrong With Being An Internet Troll

From time to time, The Awl offers its space to everyday citizens with something to say.

In light of a recent gripping narrative I wrote about air travel I have been hearing a lot of complaints about "internet trolling."

"Henry only wrote this to get attention," some people said. "This is a new low, even for Henry," Twitter users complained. "How does this dumb fuck even [...]


How Web Writers Get Held Responsible for the Lawyers, the Sales Guys and Even the Coffeemaker

After Henry Blodget fired editor John Carney from his role as the editor of Clusterstock last week, some clearly felt that Blodget, the Business Insider cofounder and CEO, owed an explanation. Blodget and Reuters finance blogger Feliz Salmon got into a Tweet-spat, which culminated in Blodget serving up something like a master class on New Media Economics Friday evening. Blodget was direct, laying out the numbers behind running a web site. His arithmetic checks out-but that doesn't mean his math makes sense.