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Threat Made

"Our generation is 80 million strong, and together we can have a real impact."


Hello, Friendly Prison Warden Helper Robots!

“As we’re almost done with creating its key operating system, we are now working on refining its details to make it look more friendly to inmates.” —Professor Lee Baik-Chu of Kyonggi University, on the Asian Forum for Corrections' plans to begin a month-long trial deployment of four-wheeled, 5-foot-tall mobile surveillance robots in a prison in Pohang, South Korea in March. The robots "will feature cameras as well as different kinds of sensors to help them in their primary task, that is to detect risky behaviour including violence and suicide." But don't worry. "The robot is not a security guard. His work is not to stop the violence in [...]


The Tragic Life of Ugly Birds

Outside my third-floor window, in a narrow, leafy lane of Bandra West, a suburb of Mumbai, a crow had got itself stuck in some leftover Christmas decorations that were hanging off a tree. One of its feet was caught in string and the crow was dangling in mid-air. As it became more aware of its situation, it became more frantic, wrapping the string around its foot more securely. I’m not an animal activist and crows are not likable but I could not watch it die a slow, painful, and terrified death.

It was too high up and too far away from my building for me to be able to [...]


Summer Weddings, Belts, How to Pack and Tucking in Shirts

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It's been a long road: we've talked about pretty much everything that could be considered attire of any form for men, really, from bags to shoes to ties and hats. Phew! So we're ending with four great questions from readers. You guys are the best.

Tucking It In


I am happy with many of my sartorial choices but if there's one thing that terrifies me it's tucking my shirt in. My wardrobe right now mostly works around this: in pleasant weather (when I'm dressing nicely) I generally wear either vaguely hip polo shirts or short-sleeve button shirts that look decent (if slightly [...]


So How Do I Get From Newark Airport To Manhattan Tomorrow?

PATH remains suspended due to damage to signal, control and substation equipment in multiple stations.

— PATH Rail System (@PATHTweet) November 5, 2012

Hello, welcome to another edition of The Awl's Business Travel Answer Bag, where we bring you business travel weather on the fives. Today's question is from a gentleman arriving in New York tomorrow via Newark Airport. He asks, "Uhh, where exactly am I supposed to stand, at 6 p.m. tomorrow, and what am I supposed to have, as far as exact change or school vouchers or tickets, in order to board some kind of public transportation or emergency shuttle or maybe one of those [...]


Google Buzz: What?

Seriously. I know that everybody loves Google and all, but you know what they are really great at? Coming up with new shit that I completely do not understand! Also: making me feel old. I've watched this twice and I think I actually know less than I did before. I'm still trying to figure out Google Wave, for fuck's sake. I would say more about this but don't want to make Google mad at me, because they are the only people still living to have proof of that thing I did in 1996 that I am hoping never comes out. So, yeah, Google Buzz! It sounds great! We should [...]